Guidelines for Neighborhood Association By-Laws

Content of Neighborhood Association By-Laws

The list below is the recommended content for a neighborhood associations by-laws. It is up to the neighborhood to create their by-laws and enforce them. Use the content below to include in your by-laws it can have all the listed items below or a portion of them.

  • Name of Association
  • Purpose/Goals/Vision Statement
  • Boundaries
  • Membership
    • Membership Requirements
    • Voting Rights & Requirements for Association Action
  • Membership Dues & Care of Funds (if any)
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Officers
    • Position
    • Elections/Appointments
    • Duties
  • Board or Steering Committee
    • Name
    • Compositions/Selection Procedures
  • Other Committees
    • Name(s)
    • Composition/Selection Procedures
  • Meeting Conduct Guidelines (if any)
  • Procedure for Amending By-laws

Examples of Neighborhood Associations By-Laws

Visit the neighborhood pages below to see examples of neighborhood associations by-laws.

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