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General Plan

On April 19, 2022, at its regularly scheduled meeting, the City Council adopted the General Plan Update, Golden City Beyond. The new General Plan went into effect on Thursday, May 26, 2022.

Careful planning for growth begins with our General Plan. It serves as the guiding document for achieving the community’s vision for the future.

What is a General Plan?

  • It’s a policy document.

A General Plan sets forth the City’s long-range planning policies that reflect the aspirations and values of residents, land owners, businesses, and organizations within the community. The City Council and Planning Commission use the General Plan when considering land use and planning-related decisions, and City staff use the General Plan in administering land use and development activities. Residents can reference the General Plan to understand the City’s approach to development.

  • It’s a legal document.

A General Plan is a legal document, and much of its content, such as background data, analysis, maps, and exhibits, is established by statutory requirements. California law requires every city and county to prepare and adopt a comprehensive long-range General Plan to form the basis for zoning, subdivision, and public works actions.

  • It’s a comprehensive document.

A General Plan is considered comprehensive because it addresses a wide range of issues that affect a city such as the physical development of the jurisdiction or economic and social concerns that can affect the overall quality of life. A General Plan is considered “long-term” because it looks 20 years or more into the future. Each jurisdiction can establish a time horizon that best fits its individual needs. The State General Plan Guidelines recommend that General Plans be updated every five to ten years to ensure that they remain relevant and reflect local physical and demographic changes and broader changes in culture and technology.

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