Neighborhood Initiatives and Environmental Services FAQs

What is a neighborhood association?

A neighborhood association is comprised of resident volunteers within a geographic location in Santa Ana. These resident volunteers come together based on needs or concerns to help improve their neighborhood. An organized neighborhood association can influence positive changes throughout their neighborhood by creating a sense of community pride among neighbors and by establishing a recognized political voice within City Hall. By focusing neighborhood efforts on specific issues, visual changes become apparent. The neighborhood will also have a better understanding of how the Santa Ana city government functions. Guidelines to creating a neighborhood association.

I just moved to Santa Ana. I need phone numbers for utilities, city contacts, water, and more. Does the City have a comprehensive list of phone numbers?

The City has a Who Do I Call list to assist residents. Visit

How do I report graffiti and other concerns?

Report an issue online or download the MySantaAna app.

How do I plan an event in my neighborhood?

Santa Ana's neighborhood associations coordinate a variety of community programs including community resource fairs, social events and clean-up days. A special events training was provided and the PowerPoint and YouTube recording can be found at our Trainings Page. For more information on holding events at City Parks, public property, or private property visit the Event Planning page.

What are the garage sale dates and restrictions?

Garage sales for residential properties are permitted on the first full weekend of MarchJuneSeptember, and December of each year. No permit is required. For more information visit the Garage and Yard Sales page.

What can I do about my neighbors barking dog?

First, talk to your neighbor and let them know that their dog has become an annoyance. If this does not handle the problem then it will need to be handled through the City. Complete the Barking Dog or Noisy Animal Complaint Form.

What are the crime statistics for my neighborhood?

For recent information regarding crime statistics for Santa Ana visit the CrimeMapping website.

What is the paramedic subscription program?

The paramedic subscription program is voluntary. The program provides coverage of emergency paramedic services within the City of Santa Ana to permanent residents at the cost of one annual subscription fee. For more information visit the Paramedic Subscription page.

Where can I find demographics for the City or neighborhoods?

Demographic information for each neighborhood is available in their individual pages. Visit Our Neighborhoods page. To view the City's demographics visit our Demographics page.

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