What we are doing

Santa Ana Navigation Center

The Santa Ana Navigation Center opened in June 2022 as a 24-hour homeless shelter serving men, women, and families with minor children. The Shelter offers 200 beds across five dormitories and family rooms, including full bathroom facilities, a full-size commercial kitchen,  a children's playroom, and more.

To learn more about the Santa Ana Navigation Center, click here.

Quality of Life Team (QOLT)

The Quality of Life Team (or "QOLT" for short) is a multi-disciplinary team that addresses concerns related to municipal code violations, property storage, and improper use of public and private property. The formation of this team brings all stakeholders together in the field to efficiently address issues. The QOLT provides outreach services to people experiencing homelessness.

To learn more about the Quality of Life Team, click here.

Santa Ana Multi-disciplinary Response Team (SMART)

The City of Santa Ana has contracted with non-profit City Net. City Net provides outreach teams who are able to engage with individuals, on the streets, for the purpose of connecting to shelter, critical services, and mental health and medical treatment.

To learn more about CityNet, click here.

Four-Point Homeless Strategic Plan

The City of Santa Ana established the four-point Homeless Strategic Plan to guide our efforts to address homelessness. It is organized around the following four core strategies:

  1. Clean: Reduce negative impacts to the community to ensure Santa Ana is clean and safe.
  2. Outreach: Be persistent in our contact with anyone experiencing homelessness.
  3. Housing: Reduce the number of Santa Ana’s unsheltered homeless.
  4. Communication: Have an engaged and informed community regarding homelessness and homeless solutions.
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