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Dog License

You need to license your dogs in Santa Ana! Here’s what you should know:

The 15 Day Rule

  • Current dog license expired? Renew in 15 days!
  • Got a new dog older than four (4) months? Get a new license in 15 days!
  • Just moved to Santa Ana? Get a new license in 15 days!

Why license your dog?

  • It’s the LAW! Every dog must be licensed and vaccinated for rabies.
  • Helps identify your dog and lets others know your pet is safe!
  • You may be fined if your dog is not licensed or vaccinated!

How to License your Pet

You can license your dog online, via mail, or in-person. Your dog’s license tag will only be issued when all required items are received and verified. Click on the “Get a Dog License” button above to view all the ways to license your furry friend. Standard annual dog license fees are as follows:

Regular (unaltered) Each dog $159
Puppy (between 4-6 months) Each dog $28
Spayed/Neutered Each dog $28
Senior Citizen First dog $14
Replacement Tag Each dog $9
Late Fee (after 15 days past due) Each dog $48


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I transfer a Pet License?

No. A dog’s license may not be transferred from one owner to a new owner.

How many dogs may I own?

Each residence in the City of Santa Ana is limited to three (3) dogs only.

Do I get a new tag after each renewal?

No. You get one tag but must renew every year. Do NOT lose your dog’s tag and keep the receipt.

I need help with getting a dog license. Who do I contact?

Call 866-201-1775 or email Customer Service for additional assistance.

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