Tenant roster requirements

Commercial rental properties - tenant and maintenance service provider roster requirement

As part of the commercial rental property business license renewal process, every person engaged in the rental of commercial real estate within the City and all property management services acting as their agents, are required to provide a listing of tenants and service providers for each licensed property. The roster listing should include the following:

  • a list of existing tenants (including subtenants) occupying the premises
  • a list of property maintenance service providers or other persons, whether located in the City or not, who are contracted to perform, or who regularly do perform services on the premises.

Business license renewals for commercial rental property owners/operators will remain incomplete and the renewal certificate unissued until the Tenant & Maintenance Service Provider Roster is received.

For renewing businesses filing a paper return, simply complete the Tenant & Maintenance Service Provider Roster printed on the back of the notice enclosed with your renewal and return it with your renewal filing. (Businesses may duplicate the form and complete additional forms as needed. If similar information is available in printout form, businesses may send it to us instead of completing the roster listing.)

Businesses can also separately send in the required information as an e-mail attachment in Microsoft Word or Excel, or as a PDF or TIFF document. Simply e-mail the roster listing to us at roster@santa-ana.org and refer to the business license number in the subject line of the e-mail.

In accordance with the Santa Ana Municipal Code, the information provided to the City of Santa Ana will be kept confidential and tenants or property maintenance service providers who are determined to be unlicensed through this information will be given an opportunity to obtain their City business license without penalty.

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