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Residential Water Service Discontinuation Policy

Effective July 4, 2024

The City of Santa Ana recently approved an ordinance to update the Municipal Code to comply with the State of California’s Water Shutoff Protection Act, also known as Senate Bill 998. As part of this change, the City will make available its Residential Water Service Discontinuation Policy. The policy outlines the rights provided to Santa Ana residential water customers in regards to nonpayment of past due water bills, including limitations of fees for certain customers, notification requirements, and processes to follow.

Residential water customers will see the following changes:

  1. Accounts may not be shut off without being past due for at least 60 days.
  2. Special rights for extremely low-income customers with medical conditions. All other customers may still request payment arrangements with the City, but accommodations are not guaranteed. Please call MUS at (714) 647-5454 or visit us in person at City Hall.
  3. Renters with delinquent property-owner water accounts can take over a water account without paying the property owner’s past-due balance if the sign-up requirements are met.
  4. The water shut-off policy made accessible to the public (to be posted on this site and translated in the required languages when available).

Please note, these changes only impact water service for residential customers. These rights and protections are not extended to commercial customers and discontinuation of water service may still occur for reasons other than nonpayment. .

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