Measure X

In November 2018, Santa Ana voters approved Measure X: the Santa Ana Neighborhood Safety, Homeless Prevention and Essential City Services Enhancement Measure. Measure X became effective April 1, 2019 and raises the City's sales tax by 1.5% for 10 years, until 2029. During this period, a $100.00 purchase will include an additional tax of $1.50. Beginning in 2029, the tax will decrease to 1.0%. The tax is then eliminated after an additional 10 years, in 2039. Vital goods like groceries, gasoline, medication and housing are exempt from this tax.

Measure X funds general city services including, but not limited to: emergency response services, homelessness and housing services, fixing potholes and streets, keeping up parks, and maintaining senior services, after school programs and graffiti removal.


Use of Measure X

The ballot language called for the use of Measure X funds “To maintain effective 9-1-1 response; retaining firefighters and police officers; addressing homelessness; fixing streets, maintaining parks, and youth and senior services, and unrestricted general revenue purposes”.

The City’s Measure X captures a larger share of sales tax from Online sales and less reliance on the
transportation sector in comparison to the State of California.

Some of the City’s goals related to the use of Measure X revenue follow:

  • Increase the efficiency & effectiveness of emergency response services by retaining firefighters, police officers and paramedics - For cities with a population over 250,000, the average number of officers across all ranks
  • Address the homelessness epidemic - Santa Ana bears a disproportionately large burden of the homeless population in the region. Using local revenue to address the issue will ensure that our residents will benefit directly from this investment. The Homeless Evaluation Assessment Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.) Program focuses exclusively on homeless, individuals and families, and addresses the problem in its entirety through immediate needs and long-term effects.
  • Fix and maintain roads and parks - Without adequate funding, the proportion of pavement rated "good" or "very good" citywide is expected to decrease by 10%. The City needs to fund ongoing maintenance and enhancement efforts to ensure our parks are safe and desirable for everyone.
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