Location Layers: Bus Shelter Artwork

Arts and Education

Artist: Erik Orejel “Arts and Education” 2022 Location: South west side of S. Main St. and W. St. Gertrude Pl. intersection “Art and Education First is the name of this piece. Having traveled to all of our neighboring city’s in Orange County I personally believe that the city of Santa Ana and its Santanero’s embody a … Continued

The Rhythm of South Main

Artist: Bud Herrera “Rhythm of South Main” 2022 Location: South west corner of S. Main St. and W. St. Andrew Pl. intersection “Rickenbacker is the guitar maker that brought the electric 12-string to market and has since been responsible for establishing what a guitar should do let alone sound like. Rickenbacker guitars and basses have a … Continued

Scenes from a Vendor

Artist: Diane Navarro “Scenes from a vendor” 2022 Location: South west side of S. Main St. and W. Pomona St. intersection “The overall concept of my artwork is to focus on the details from little moments that one may experience from purchasing from a street vendor. On the top left is the image of a hand … Continued

Holly Sugar Company Workers and Beets

Artist: Alicia Rojas “Holly Sugar Company Workers and Beets”  2022 Location: North East side of S. Main St. and Warner Ave intersection “From the diffusion tanks the thin juice, containing about 14 percent sugar, was purified and filtered. The remaining beet pulp was drawn off, mixed with molasses, dried, and sold for cattle feed. Lime … Continued


Artist: Valerie Henderson “Jacaranda” 2022 Location: South West side of S. Main St. and W. Edinger Ave. intersection “There’s something that feels magical about the Jacaranda trees that bloom around the City of Santa Ana in April and May. The trees come into full flower with their delicate blossoms of pastel purple and last just until … Continued


Artist: Roger Reyes “Impala4” 2022 Location: South East side of S. Main St. and E. St. Gertrude Pl. intersection “This design honors Santa Ana Car Culture but in particular harkens back to the vibrant times and festive energy Cruising brought to communities situated along major cross streets of this Golden City. Residents and visitors alike would … Continued

Yo Quiero Ser/I want to be

Artist: Jose Lozano “Yo Quiero Ser/I want to be”  2022 Location: South West side of S. Main St. and W. McFadden Ave. intersection “The concept celebrates the diverse neighborhoods in Orange County through scenes of children and adults enjoying a good book. The themes have to do with the importance of reading and children dreaming … Continued

Planting Semillas

Artist: Kimberly Duran “Planting Semillas” 2022 Location: North East side of S. Main St. and Edinger Ave. intersection “As I propose a design for the Edinger and Main Street intersection, I pondered on the many commuters that pass through this busy area. I wanted to create a peaceful atmosphere that would inspire people to plant seeds … Continued

The Soul of Santa Ana

Artist: Dore Kittrell “The Soul of Santa Ana” 2022 Location: South west intersection of S. Main St. and W. Chestnut Ave. intersection “This artwork depicts a scene of what used to be known as Jon’s Black Derby nightclub in Santa Ana, with a storied history that includes the Righteous Brothers and Betty Willis, an African … Continued

A Slide from the Past – South Main Street

Artist: Maria Espinoza Yepez “A Slide from the Past – South Main Street” 2022 Location: South East corner of Main St. and McFadden Ave. intersection “As an Artist and resident of the City of Santa Ana, I am inspired by the history of Main Street and how it has evolved throughout the years. This project … Continued

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