The Soul of Santa Ana

Posted on November 9, 2023


East Main Street & East Chestnut Avenue

Santa Ana



Artist: Dore Kittrell

“The Soul of Santa Ana” 2022

Location: South west intersection of S. Main St. and W. Chestnut Ave. intersection

“This artwork depicts a scene of what used to be known as Jon’s Black Derby nightclub in Santa Ana, with a storied history that includes the Righteous Brothers and Betty Willis, an African American soul singer who performed at the nightclub in the 1960’s.

In 2018, the details of Ms. Willis’ life and contributions to the history of the city of Santa Ana were overshadowed by her unfortunate death. This artwork was created to honor and enlighten viewers to her story and her achievements as she lived.

Dore Kittrell is an illustrator and graphic artist currently residing in Orange County, originally from Baltimore, Maryland.” – Dore Kittrell

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