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Planting Semillas

Posted on November 9, 2023


South Main Street & Edinger Avenue

Santa Ana



Artist: Kimberly Duran

“Planting Semillas” 2022

Location: North East side of S. Main St. and Edinger Ave. intersection

“As I propose a design for the Edinger and Main Street intersection, I pondered on the many commuters that pass through this busy area. I wanted to create a peaceful atmosphere that would inspire people to plant seeds of their own. Looking back at the history of the South Main corridor, I couldn’t help but be inspired by the many innovators who planted seeds and nurtured them to fruition. From Rickenbacker guitar, who revolutionized the music industry, to the Heinz factory, a historical innovator and entrepreneur who played a significant role in shaping the United States, to Kate Sessions, a botanist whose hard work in planting seeds impacted Balboa to Santa Ana, these pioneers were able to create art and culture that profoundly influenced music, film, and classic Americana. With my design, “Plantando Semillas,” I aim to capture this spirit of innovation and creativity. In the painting, I am depicted with a large, colorful Quetzalcoatl dragon, symbolizing the power to tame the dragon within ourselves and unleash our full potential. This painting is a tribute to all those who have planted seeds and nurtured them with care, who have dared to dream and succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations. Through this design, I hope to inspire commuters passing through the intersection to plant their own seeds of creativity and innovation, to nurture them with care, and to watch them blossom into something truly beautiful.” – Kimberly Duran

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