A Slide from the Past – South Main Street

Posted on November 9, 2023


Main St & East McFadden Avenue

Santa Ana



Artist: Maria Espinoza Yepez

“A Slide from the Past – South Main Street” 2022

Location: South East corner of Main St. and McFadden Ave. intersection

“As an Artist and resident of the City of Santa Ana, I am inspired by the history of Main Street and how it has evolved throughout the years. This project gives me an opportunity to bring to the community in which I was born, raised and still live in a bit of artistic culture and history that Main Street has. The concept and theme of this project is a blast from the past in a slide format with the historic drag races in 1958 along South Main Street and to bring focus to the famous Guitar Company which started in Santa Ana in the 1960’s, as well as beautiful Jacaranda Trees on Myrtle and Bishop Street and the famous palm trees along Main Street. This is done as an impressionistic painting with oil on canvas using bright colors of the race car and guitar. As well as the Jacaranda and Palm Trees.” – Maria Espinoza Yepez

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