Current key projects/initiatives

Applications Division

Project/Initiative Name Description
Land Management System The City is implementing a new Land Management System (LMS) for Planning, Building, Public Works and Code Enforcement. The system will have an online portal to permitting activities to handled online.
Implement Timekeeping System The City is implementing a new timekeeping system that is fully integrated into the City's HR/Payroll application. This project should significantly increase the efficiency of the payroll process.
Cashiering System Upgrade Upgrade of cashiering system to new version and adding enhanced security measures.
Financial System Upgrade Upgrading Infor Lawson ERP System (Applications and Environment) to utilize new functionality, allow continued software support and improve overall system performance.
Rental Registry System Implement online system to support City's Rental Registry Ordinance.
Zoo Ticketing System and Website Redesign The Zoo's website will be redesigned and will have new features including online ticketing.
Business Tax RFP Release RFP for new Business Tax System
Automating Contract Renewal Process To streamline manual, paper based contract renewal process, City is implementing automated renewal process for all contracts that are less than 25K.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Select vendor(s) for new Citywide ERP system.

Infrastructure Division

Project/Initiative Name Description
Facility Remodels Implement technology solutions for various Citywide remodeling projects.
Network Upgrades Begin upgrading City network.
Wireless System Upgrade The City's wireless network will be upgraded. The networks extends to 23 City locations.
Data Center Facility Upgrades The IT Department is upgrading the outdated facility equipment (A/C, UPS) in the data centers.
Server OS Migrations Migration of servers with outdated operating systems to new versions.
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