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Frequently asked questions

The WORK Center offers different kinds of jobs, like training programs where you can earn certificates, programs where you can get work experience if you’re not working, and help finding jobs in different career paths.

You don’t have to pay anything to use the WORK Center’s help.

The center is open Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Alternating Fridays: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you want to know about events or workshops happening at the WORK Center, you can call (714) 565-2600 or check the calendar for online or in-person job events.

Yes, there are some programs just for certain groups. Like, there’s the Santa Ana Youth Employment Program for people between 16 and 30, programs for veterans, and programs for people with disabilities.

  1. Fill out  the Self-Service Application.
  2. Go to the WORK Center orientation, which happens every other Monday.
  3. Sign up for CalJOBS at and finish making your profile.

After that, someone from the WORK Center will get in touch with you to set up a meeting to talk about your career goals or how to find a job.

People who can use the WORK Center’s help include folks looking for jobs, young people who want to work, businesses that need workers, and people who want to start their own businesses.

We cannot guarantee free swim outside of camp, regardless of age or experience. Check the City’s website for more information regarding open swim hours at each pool facility.

Yes, you can register your family in our Aquatics program outside of camp participation hours here.

Yes, we will have certified lifeguards teaching swim lessons alongside our summer camp staff providing constant supervision.

Refunds are available until the Monday before the week of camp for which they registered.

Example: If they registered for Week 1 which starts June 3rd , they can request a refund up until May 27th.

Yes, but campers must be able to self-administer. Our staff are not trained to administer.

To optimize your child’s experience camp, our experiences are specifically designed for children ages 6-12 years old. Special circumstances may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

At this time, our camps do not have the capacity to offer amended pricing for programming. If a child misses an entire week of camp due to an illness, refunds are issued on a case-by-case basis with a doctor’s note.

No, this is a weekly summer camp. Regardless of how many days the child attends in the week, the fee is set.

Excursions are integrated into our weekly fee. There is no separate fee. We encourage full attendance for the week, however, attendance is at the discretion of the parent.

At this time, our camps do not have the capacity to offer amended programming. While we cannot enforce attendance, there is a 10:1 child to staff ratio and we take precautions to ensure your child is safe with us.

Yes, our current policy is allow all kids within the age range to participate in our programs. We cannot guarantee satisfactory student support as our staff are not certified or trained to deal with children on the spectrum and each staff member will lead 10 students. Speak to a campsite director to determine if this program is the best fit for your participant.

Campers must be picked up by 5:30 P.M.  Pick-ups later than 5:30 P.M. will have late fees, which must be paid before the next week of camp.

Yes, we are working with the Santa Ana United School District to provide lunch Monday – Friday. Campers with food allergies and sensitivities are responsible to bring their own lunch and ensure the snacks they bring are in line with campers’ dietary needs.

For the safety of your child, pick-up is at the community centers where we can verify designated adults.

Please write all adults that are authorized to pick up your camper on your emergency card in your parent packet before camp starts. Designated adults will have to show an ID to pick up the camper.

For the safety of all campers, only registered participants may attend camp daily , this includes excursions. If you are concerned about attending with your camper, this camp may not be the best for you and your family.

While we encourage campers to stay for the full day, parents can pick up their child at an earlier hour with advance notice the day before early pick-up is needed.

Registration is open April 20th for all 10 weeks up until Monday morning of that camp each week.

The parent can pay just for those weeks. Each week is paid separately.

Monday, June 3rd to Friday, August 9th

Check out the city website here as well as follow us on Instagram at @santaanaparks for program updates.
We highly encourage parents to attend our parent orientation meeting from 6:30-7:30pm on May 5th at the Jerome Center, May 6th at the Salgado Center, or May 7th at the El Salvador center. Orientation locations are open all campers but we recommend attending the meeting for the site your camper is registered.

Orange County/Inland Empire Small Business Development Center
Phone: (800) 616-7232

California Manufacturing Technology Consulting
Phone: (714) 444-9996

Internal Revenue Service

Public Law Center (
Phone: (714) 541-5157

Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE)
Phone: (714) 550-7369

Southern California Edison
Phone:(626) 302-1212

South Coast Air Quality Management District
Phone: (909) 396-2000

Inspection Requests
Phone:(714) 667-2738

California State University, Fullerton

University of California, Irvine

Santa Ana College

Santa Ana Unified School District

Chapman University

Export Assistance Partners

  • State and federal resources available in California to further support international trade development for your business

Export and Trade Assistance

  • The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) provides small businesses with the resources needed to expand into trading and exporting

International Trade Administration

  • U.S. government resource for competing in the global market

U.S. Commercial Service (Department of Commerce)

  • Offering export assistance, finding new international sales opportunities, and more

Select USA

  • Foreign direct investment

Southland Economic Development Corporation
Phone:(714) 647-1143

CDFI Clearinghouse
Phone:(714) 525-4964

Graffiti Removal
Phone:(877) 786-7824

Street Sweeping
Phone:(714) 647-3380

Curbs, Sidewalks, Potholes and Street Lights
Phone:(714) 647-3380

Street Paving, Repairs
Phone:(714) 647-3330

Weed Abatement
Phone:(714) 647-3380

Abandoned Large Item Pick-Up
Phone:(714) 647-3380

Abandoned Vehicle Pick-Up
On Private Property:(714) 245-8200
On Public Street:(714) 245-8225

Any Emergency (Fire, Police, Medical)
Phone: 911

Phone: (714) 834-4211

Foreign Trade Zone
Phone: (562) 283-7750

HUB Zone Program
Phone: (714) 550-7420

Southern California Edison
Phone: (626) 302-1212

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
Phone: (714) 656-2695

Signal Repair
Phone: (714) 647-5621

Traffic Operations
Phone: (714) 647-5619

Transportation Permits
Phone: (714) 647-5039

City of Santa Ana WORK Center
Phone: (714) 565-2600

Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce
Phone: (714) 541-5353

Southeast Los Angeles County WIB
Phone: (714) 402-9336

Workplace Learning Resource Center & ACT Center
Phone: (714) 564-5521

Southern California Edison
Phone: (714) 655-4555

Southern California Gas Company
Phone: (800) 427-2200 (Residential Customers)
Phone: (800) 427-2000 (Commercial and Industrial Customers)

Santa Ana Water
Phone: (714) 647-3341

Water Customers Service & Billing
Phone: (714) 647-5454

Water Maintenance & Construction
Phone: (714) 647-3341

Water & Sewer Permits
Phone: (714) 647-5454

Sewer/Storm Drain Maintenance
Phone: (714) 647-3380

The Traffic Division signs off citations Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. You must bring your citation and vehicle to the Police Department.  You will be charged a fee of $5.00 for SAPD citations or $15.70 for any other outside police agency citation. For address and directions to the police department click here.

An ADU/JADU/Garage Conversion can affect current/future permit parking allocation.

If I live on a permit parking street and I add an ADU/JADU/Garage Conversion to my Single Family Dwelling will it change my permit parking eligibility?

Yes, an ADU/JADU/Garage Conversion is considered a unit and it will change the classification of a Single Family Dwelling to a Multi-Family Dwelling. Therefore the number of permits allotted will change.

If I have a four-plex and add one (1) more unit, will this change my permit parking eligibility?

Yes, properties with more than four units do not qualify for parking permits.

If I add an ADU/JADU/Garage Conversion, will my ADU/JADU/Garage Conversion get three parking permits and guest passes like my Single Family Dwelling?

No. Adding an ADU/JADU/Garage Conversion will adversely change your permit allotment.

The City of Santa Ana is committed to ensuring the safety and quality of our drinking water. The lead issue in Flint, Michigan, in 2016 highlighted the importance of addressing lead in drinking water systems. Unlike Flint, our water supply does not contain lead, and we adhere to strict regulatory standards to safeguard public health. Here’s what you need to know:

  • We conduct regular testing of water within our distribution system to monitor lead levels in accordance with the Lead & Copper Rule (LCR) established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Our latest city-wide test for lead, conducted independently in 2021, yielded results that were fully compliant with the LCR.
  • Santa Ana’s water supply is non-corrosive, helping to prevent the leaching of lead from plumbing fixtures.
  • We do not have any lead pipes in our distribution system, further ensuring the absence of lead contamination. For more detailed information on the quality of Santa Ana’s water, you can review our Water Quality Report found here.
  • In 2021, 123 residences were tested for lead and copper at-the-tap. Lead was detected in 4 samples, none of which exceeded the Action Level for lead.


Lead In Residential Plumbing

Lead in drinking water is primarily from materials and components associated with service lines and home plumbing. The City of Santa Ana is responsible for providing high quality drinking water but cannot control the variety of materials used in a home’s plumbing components.



If you live in an older house that has copper piping with lead solder, you can minimize the potential for lead exposure. When your water has been sitting for several hours in the pipes, simply flush your tap for 30 seconds to 2 minutes before using water for drinking or cooking. If you do so, consider collecting the flushed water and reuse it for another beneficial purpose, such as watering plants. If you are concerned about lead in your water, you may wish to have your water tested. Information on lead in drinking water, testing methods, and steps you can take to minimize exposure are available from the U.S. EPA Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 800-426-4791 or at

The City of Santa Ana is working with Orange County’s Health Care Agency and their selected contractor Azure Community Development to offer a lead testing and abatement program available to Santa Ana households. To view the eligibility checklist and complete the pre-screening questionnaire click here.


The taste or smell of your water may change throughout the year because the City of Santa Ana uses a blend of two water sources. About 77 percent of our water comes from local groundwater, while the rest is imported from Metropolitan Water District (MWD). MWD gets water from the Colorado River and Northern California, treating it with chloramines at their filtration plant. We also treat local well water with chlorine. This blend of waters can result in different tastes or mineral levels in your water at different times. However, these variations don’t affect water safety. Regular testing and monitoring by the City of Santa Ana help ensure that water quality meets regulatory standards year-round. In addition to providing high-quality water at lower costs, using different water sources benefits our customers by improving supply reliability.

It’s not the water itself that smells. In fact, the City of Santa Ana conducts regular monitoring tests throughout the water distribution system to check for any odors. This issue is typically related to organic materials that have been discarded into a kitchen drain or another sink. Over time, these materials can accumulate and decay within the drain, creating an unpleasant odor. There could also be bacteria locked in the P-trap of your bathroom sink drain or a buildup of bacteria in your pipes.

To remedy this issue, routinely clean drain stoppers, faucet aerators and flush the P-trap and/or garbage disposal, the sink and the overflow with a solution of household chlorine bleach. If this awful rotten-egg smell is persistent and the issues continue, you may need to contact a qualified plumber to address it.

Tap water can sometimes appear cloudy which is often mistaken for an impurity in the water. Cloudy water, also commonly described as milky white, hazy, soapy or foamy, is usually caused by air in the water. How does this happen? About 70% of our water comes from local wells. The well water we supply is pumped from hundreds of feet below the ground and that pumping process can sometimes result in aeration, or the mixing of air with water. Also, when making changes to your home’s plumbing, such as replacing a water heater or faucet fixtures, it is common for air to enter the pipes when they are repressurized. Aeration creates small bubbles in the water that are harmless but may give the water a cloudy appearance. If your water looks cloudy, pour some water into a clear glass and set it on the counter. Observe the glass of water for a few minutes. If the white color is due to air, the air bubbles will rise to the top of the glass and disappear.

No, it’s unnecessary! Bottled water and tap water are regulated by different agencies. Tap water actually has more stringent reporting requirements, such as providing customers with a printed Water Quality Report each year. Bottled water suppliers aren’t required to share this data, but some might if asked. The water from the City of Santa Ana is clean, high quality and safe to drink, much less expensive and more environmentally friendly than bottled water. Before switching to bottled water or a filter, compare the data from the City of Santa Ana’s Annual Water Quality Report with the data from the bottled water or filtration device you’re thinking about. The choice between bottled water or a filter should depend on preferences, not concerns about health risks.

Tap water hardness varies because it absorbs minerals like calcium and magnesium as it passes through soil and rock. These minerals aren’t harmful and can actually supplement essential nutrients in your body. In Santa Ana, as in much of Southern California, hard water is common due to elevated levels of these minerals. Santa Ana’s water has a hardness of about 250 parts per million or approximately 15 grains per gallon.

While the taste of drinking water is subjective and varies among individuals, some residents choose to use water softening treatment systems for their homes or businesses. The City of Santa Ana does not endorse or recommend any specific systems. However, if you are interested in exploring water filter options, the California Water Board website provides a comprehensive list of hundreds of registered Residential Water Treatment Devices. Visit this webpage to find a filter that meets your specific needs. When selecting one, consider capacity, regeneration method, warranty, and manufacturer reputation.

The white residue or spots on your glassware are typically caused by minerals like calcium and magnesium found naturally in water. These minerals are common in what’s known as “hard” water. However, they don’t pose any health risks; in fact, they can contribute to your daily intake of calcium and magnesium, which are important nutrients according to the National Research Council. Many people even prefer the taste and health benefits of water with these minerals over distilled or “soft” water.

To remove these mineral deposits from your cookware, you can boil a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water. Similarly, to clean your coffee maker, fill the reservoir with the same vinegar-water mixture and run a cycle.

Water pressure in Santa Ana can vary from around 50 psi to 100 psi across the distribution system. This fluctuation happens because of routine water system operations and peak water use times. Factors like building water softeners, plumbing restrictions, and point-of-use treatment devices can also influence water pressure on your property. The City can’t adjust water pressure at individual addresses. However, if you’re dealing with high water pressure, you can take steps to address it. For instance, you can install or replace a pressure regulator on your property to lower high water pressure.

No, homebuyers are not permitted to place the home under a trust while participating in the “My First Home” Down Payment Assistance Program.

We average out earned income by previous pay periods and project the average for the remaining pay periods of the year.

Yes. Processing time for your application will increase to account for coordination between all parties involved.

We follow HUD guidelines for our low income category and the state’s Housing and Community Development guidelines for our moderate income category.

At the opening of escrow

No, multi-family properties, including duplexes, triplexes, and properties with additional habitable units are not allowed. We only allow owner occupied residences.

Business will sign the following certifications in the application:

• I certify that I have the authority to apply for this grant on behalf of the business described herein.

• I certify that my business is for-profit and has 5 or fewer employees including all owners (full-time equivalent). I do not operate as an independent contractor. My business is not a non-profit.

• I certify that my business has a valid and active Santa Ana Business license, Certificate of Occupancy or Home Occupation Permit issued by the City of Santa Ana, and my business complies with and is not in violation of any City codes and regulations.

• I certify that my business does not sell or promote a majority of items such as alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, firearms, and/or adult entertainment.

• I certify that my business is currently operational and will be at the time of reimbursement. The grant is for businesses that intend to remain open and operational after receipt of grant.

• I agree that if approved, reimbursements will be issued for paid receipts for business expenses according to approved costs as identified by the City.

• I understand that applying for the grant is not a guarantee of funding and the City has the right to reject any and all applications.

• Funding is not transferable and other restrictions may apply.

• I understand that eligibility for this program is based on Business Owner Income Qualification (LMI) – business owner(s) must be at, or below, the low-moderate income limits set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) listed in the table provided in these grant guidelines (Section II Eligibility Requirements). Applicants must use total family household size as their measure of eligibility. If the business has more than one owner, at minimum, 51% of the ownership stake must be held by LMI qualified business owner(s).

• I agree to provide the City of Santa Ana and its employees additional documentation for audit and reporting purposes and to assess the benefits derived from participating in the program. Such information may include, but is not limited to, profit loss statements, payroll records, and income certifications of new or retained employees.

• This grant program is supported with Federal funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Development Block Grant Program. According to Title 18, Section 1001 of the U.S. Code, it is a felony for any person to knowingly and willingly make false or fraudulent statement to any department of the United States Government. I understand that any willful misrepresentation on this application could result in a fine and/or imprisonment under provision of the United States Criminal Code U.S.C. Title 18, Section 1001.

• By providing my electronic signature below, I certify under penalty of perjury that all the information on this application is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I acknowledge that such information is subject to verification. I also acknowledge that my failure to provide necessary documents within a reasonable period of time or falsification of information shall be grounds for repayment of funds, and that I may be subject to prosecution under the law. Any violation of the program guidelines will result in the business promptly repaying the City any amount issued pursuant to this program. I authorize the release of said information to local, State and/or Federal agencies and to City of Santa Ana staff within five years of this date.

Businesses must register and obtain a Unique Entity ID Number (UEI) issued by Obtaining a number for your business is FREE and is a two-step process:

(1) Sign up and select the option to Get A Unique Entity ID Only:


(2) Return to after approximately 5 business days to complete the last step of the validation process.

  • For Video Instructions select link/copy into your browser:
  • If you already have a Unique Entity ID number, use that number on your application. You do not need to request a new number.

An intent of the program is to connect new businesses to available resources and guidance that will help as businesses establish themselves in Santa Ana. Businesses are required to to schedule and complete a FREE business consultation with the OCIE SBDC.

  • Schedule a free consultation appointment by email at:
  • Email subject line: Business Consultation / City of Santa Ana SBIP

Small business awardees will receive the approved funding in one disbursement via an Electronic Funds Transfer or Automated Clearing House (EFT or ACH)

Applications are submitted through a link to an online portal (Neighborly) provided by the Economic Development Division. The link to the application can also be accessed from the Economic Development Small Business Incentive Program Grant webpage. The application period will remain open and until grant funding has exhausted. Fully completed applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis until grant funding has exhausted.

For general questions or assistance, please contact program staff in the City’s Economic Development Division Business Resource Hotline at 714-647-5477.

Business owners who need application assistance are encouraged to contact Gabriela Cramer for an appointment at 714-647-5385 or by email at

The City of Santa Ana’s Economic Development Division will administer the grant program which consists of receiving, reviewing, approving grant applications, and issuing approved grant funding. During this period applicants are encouraged to ask questions and seek assistance from program staff by contacting Gabriela Cramer for an appointment at 714-647-5385 or by email at or contact the Business Resource hotline at 714-647-5477.

The grant application process is completed in 3 steps as follows:

(Step 1) Pre-Eligibility Form – Business owners will submit a Pre-Eligibility Form through an online portal (Neighborly) provided by the Economic Development Division. If determined not pre-eligible, your business will be notified. If determined pre-eligible, your business will be notified by email and invited to continue the grant application.

  • Please note: Pre-eligibility does not guarantee that a grant has been approved. Applicants must still meet full application requirements and provide the necessary documentation (Step 2).

(Step 2) Application Submission – Business owners will have two weeks to complete the full grant application and upload the required documents to the online portal (Neighborly). An email is sent to the applicant confirming that the application submission was received.

Minimum requirements for Step 2:

1) Submit copies of most recent IRS Form 1040 U.S. Individual Tax Returns or IRS Tax Transcript for ALL OWNERS and their

2) Submit a copy of current and valid Santa Ana Business License

3) Submit a copy of Certificate of Occupancy or Home Occupation Permit issued by the City of Santa Ana

4) Submit a copy of Business Owner’s State Identification Card or Driver’s License

5) No active Code Enforcement Violations (Verified by Staff)

6) Most recent Business Tax Returns (Complete IRS tax filings)

7) Most recent Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages (Form DE 9) (For businesses with employees)
City of Santa Ana Page 5 of 7 Small Business Incentive Program (CDBG)

8) Most recent Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages Continuation (Form DE9 C) (For businesses with employees)

9) Submit verification of completed business consultation with the Orange County Inland Empire Small Business Development Center (OCIE SBDC). An email confirming the business consultation was completed fulfills this requirement.

10) Submit copies of Business Expenses that will be reimbursed by the grant. Include invoices/receipts and proof of payment
for reimbursement of these expenses.

11) Submit verification of the Unique Entity ID Number assigned to your business. An email or screen shot from will
fulfill this requirement.

12) IRS Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification and Certification

13) ACH Form for direct deposit to a business account and submit a copy of a voided business check.

(Step 3) Application Review/Notification of Determination – During the application review and validation of all grant requirements, business owners may be contacted by program staff for questions. Economic Development staff will notify each applicant of the final determination and whether the application was deemed eligible or not eligible to receive grant funding.

The Small Business Incentive Program grant application will remain open until funds have exhausted. Completed applications will be reviewed and approved on a first-come, first-served basis until funds have exhausted. Applications with missing, invalid or expired requirements will be deemed incomplete and will lose priority placement until the remaining requirements are received.

• Copy of valid and active of Santa Ana Business License

• Certificate of Occupancy or Home Occupation Permit issued by the City of Santa Ana

• Business Owner’s State Identification Card or Driver’s License

• No active code enforcement violations (verified by staff)

• Most recent IRS Form 1040 U.S. Individual Tax Returns, for ALL OWNERS and their HOUSEHOLD FAMILY MEMBERS 18+.

  • Obtain a free IRS Tax Transcript here:

• Most recent Business Tax Returns (Complete IRS tax filings)

• Most recent Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages (Form DE 9) (For businesses with employees)

• Most recent Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages (Continuation Form DE9 C) (For businesses with employees)

• Verification, such as an email, of a completed business consultation with the OCIE SBDC

  • Schedule a free consultation appointment by email at: 
  • Email subject line: Business Consultation / City of Santa Ana SBIP

• Must register and obtain a free Unique Entity ID Number from (see Section IV.)

  • Obtain a Unique Entity ID Number here:

• Invoices and receipts of business expenses, and verification of payment in the form of canceled checks, bank statements, credit card statements to receive reimbursement.

• Current signed Lease or Rental Agreement (required for reimbursement of rent expense).

• IRS Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification and Certification

• ACH Form for direct deposit to a business account and submit a copy of a voided business check

This grant is issued as a reimbursement for business expenses. Copies of invoices, bills, and receipts of the business expenses, are required and must be submitted with corresponding verification of payment in the form of canceled checks, bank statements, and credit card statements are required. All expenditures must be reasonable, allowable, and necessary for the type businesses requesting the funding and subject to approval by the City.
Businesses may request reimbursement for the following eligible expenses:

• Santa Ana Business License

• Certificate of Occupancy/Home Occupation Permit

• City, County, and State fees associated with licensing and/or permitting

• Rent – 3 months (Home-based businesses not eligible)

• Utilities – 3 months (Home-based businesses not eligible)

• Commercial Kitchen Space Rent – 3 months

• Insurance

• Business Phone/Internet

• Marketing/Advertising

• Inventory/Equipment/Supplies

• Technology (Business Software, licensing, and equipment appropriate to the type of business)

• Professional Services (Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, Payroll Services)

• Other reasonable, allowable, and necessary expenses as approved by the City

Ineligible Expenses of Grant:

• Expenses that will be reimbursed by other sources such as grants or insurance are not eligible, as this constitutes a duplication of benefits.

• Alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, adult entertainment, gambling products are not allowable expenses for reimbursement.

Businesses must meet the following eligibility requirements:
• Located in Santa Ana and in operation for no more than 3 years from the date of the application

• Must be a Microenterprise – a for-profit business with 5 or fewer employees (including all owners)

• Valid and Active Santa Ana Business License

• Valid Certificate of Occupancy or Home Occupation Permit issued by the City of Santa Ana

• Income Eligible: The business owner(s) and household family income for all family members 18+ must be within 80% of the Orange County median income limits set by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – 2023 Income Limits (Effective May 15, 2023).

    • Income is based on Adjusted Gross Income, Line 11 of most recent IRS 1040 Tax Returns

Family Size                                                                                                Income Limit

1 Person $  88,400
2 Persons $ 101,000
3 Persons $ 113,650
4 Persons $ 126,250
5 Persons $ 136,350
6 Persons $ 146,450
7 Persons $ 156,550
8 or More Persons $ 166,650

• Complete a free business consultation with the Orange County Inland Empire Small Business Development Center (OCIE SBDC)
• Must have or obtain a free Unique Entity ID Number assigned by

Ineligible Businesses:
The following types of businesses are not eligible for the program:
• Businesses with active code violations or a history of multiple code enforcement violations
• Independent contractors
• Non-profit organizations
• Alcohol/Bars
• Tobacco/Vaping-related businesses
• Cannabis-related businesses
• Gambling facilities
• Adult entertainment businesses

The Small Business Incentive Program offers up to $5,000 for Santa Ana Businesses with 5 or less employees (including the owners) during the first three years in business. Funds are granted as a reimbursement for eligible business expenses. Businesses must be able to provide proof (receipts) for those expenses.

  • Up to $5,000 for businesses with a commercial/industrial/office location
    • Certificate of Occupancy Required
  • Up to $2,500 for home-based businesses
    • Home Occupation Permit Required

Individuals who will be on the title and deed of the property.

If the property being purchased was a rental property, a Seller’s Statement is required to declare that no individual was evicted before the sale.



The expected turn-around time is 30-45 days.

No, there is no course requirement for realtors or lenders.

No, we will work with any lenders who meet our requirements, outlined in the program application.

Payment is due as a lump-sum at the end of 45 years or when the property is transferred to another party. We do not accept monthly payments.

If the property is refinanced and the equity is cashed-out, we require payment of the loan in full at that time.

ADUs may be rented separately from the primary residence, but shall not be used as a short-term vacation rental. An ADU may only be sold separately from the primary building on the lot if the primary building and the ADU were built or developed by a qualified non-profit corporation in accordance with Government Code Section 65852.26 and an affordable housing agreement is entered into by the applicant and the City.

There is no minimum lot size requirement to develop an ADU as long as the proposed unit complies with all applicable standards.

Attached ADUs may be built up to the same height permitted in the underlying zoning district for the primary building. Detached ADUs may be built up to two stories not exceeding 20 feet in height. Conversion of an existing accessory structure or a portion of the existing primary residence to an ADU is not subject to height requirements.

Give us a call at (714) 571-4200.

This month-long event has varying hours to accommodate holiday schedules.  For details on hours and special activities throughout the month, make sure to visit the “Hours and Activities” tab.

No, but it is recommended.  There are limited ice-skating tickets available per session.  Purchase tickets online ahead of time to guarantee your spot.

  • Pricing:
    • Kids (3yrs -12yrs): $5 for Santa Ana residents and $10 for non-residents
    • Adults: $10 for Santa Ana residents and $15 for non-residents
    • Skate rental included in ticket purchase.
    • Skate sizes: toddler’s 7 – men’s 15
  • Ice-skating reservations and tickets are available for purchase.
    • Reservations can be rescheduled within two hours of session start time.  If skating session is cancelled due to weather, ticket holders will receive an email notification and have the ability to reschedule.

Yes. Costs are associated with special activities, such as ice-skating, food trucks, vendor merchandise and others.

General admission to the Santa Ana Winter Village is free of charge.

No. A dog’s license may not be transferred from one owner to a new owner.

No. You get one tag but must renew every year. Do NOT lose your dog’s tag and keep the receipt.

Each residence in the City of Santa Ana is limited to three (3) dogs only.

  • Resident interior remodels
  • Residential patio covers
  • Window change-outs of non-historical properties
  • Pool and/or spa
  • Installation of air conditioning condensers
  • All tenant improvements not involving a change of occupancy/use
  • Tenant improvements involving a change of occupancy/use of less than 2,500 sq. ft. and which fall under of the following uses:
    • Professional, business, and administrative offices;
    • Service uses;
    • Medical offices;
    • Restaurants/eating establishments;
    • Retail and service activities;
    • Live/work spaces;
    • Banks and financial institutions; and
    • Gymnasiums and studios operated for commercial or public purposes.
  • Parking lot improvements
  • Temporary construction trailers
  • Projects utilizing the Pre-Approved ADU Plans can only submit via electronic plan check.
  • Click here to request an electronic plan review for a new Pre-Approved ADU. Please allow up to 3 business days for our staff to process your request and respond with an email with further instruction.
  • While you wait for a response, please  ensure  you have  all  the  following  documents,  which  are required for Pre-Approved ADU Plan submittal.
    • Pre-Approved ADU Submittal Checklist, which you may use as a guide to ensure your plans meet all necessary requirements for submittal.
    • Pre-Approved ADU Application and Affidavit
    • Hold Harmless Agreement
    • Site Plan detailing the Pre-Approved Plan set utilized, all existing and proposed structures, property lines, walkways, driveways, landscaped yards, walls/fences, air conditioning units, and existing or proposed easements (minimum scale: 1 inch = 20 feet).
    • Cover Page (Title Sheet) of your chosen Pre-Approved ADU Plan must have all fillable fields completed.
    • Grading Exemption Packet shall be submitted, completed and signed along with application.
    • Copy of Recent Title Report: The Title Report must have been completed within the last six months and must include as Assessor’s Parcel Map, Grant Deed, and Legal Description for the property. The Grant Deed should indicate the owner of record signing the General Data and Affidavit form.  A Title Report can be obtained through any title company.
    • Selected Pre-Approved ADU Plans have been pre-filed and named according to the required File Naming Convention and Upload Submittal Guide , please do not alter names of documents once you have downloaded them.
  • Residential and Non-Residential Additions less than 2,500 sq. ft. (anything over 2,500 sq. ft. requires Development Project Review)
  • Residential & Non-Residential Façade Modifications
  • New Single Family Dwelling Unit
  • New Accessory Dwelling Unit/Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit
  • New Landscape Projects greater than 500 sq. ft. and Rehabilitated Landscape Projects Greater than 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Residential Front Yard Fence
  • New and Temporary Signage and Sign Programs
  • Minor Improvements to Historic Properties/Neighborhood Review (for properties located within French Park and Heninger Park)
  • Modifications to Wireless Communication Facilities
  • Tenant Improvements for Cannabis Projects, after Phase 1 and Phase 2 cannabis application
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