Paying a Bill

The Treasury Division is the central processing center for all payments made to the City of Santa Ana. A payment drop box is located at the entrance to City Hall. Payments made through the night drop box are picked up during business days at 8:00 am for same day processing. Payments deposited in the drop box after 8:00 am are processed the next business day.


Municipal Utility Services may be paid at the Kiosk located at the entrance of City Hall.  The Kiosk accepts Credit Cards, Checks, and exact Cash (the Kiosk does not provide change; any amount paid in excess of the bill amount due will be credited to the customer's account).

Contact Information

20 Civic Center Drive, Santa Ana - First Floor

Office hours are 8:30 am  - 4:30 pm
Monday through Thursday and alternating Fridays, except observed legal holidays.

Parking is available in the Civic Center Plaza, off Santa Ana Blvd. between Ross Street and Flower Street. There is a parking fee.

Telephone number is (714) 647-5440
Fax number is (714) 647-5089

The Following Items May Be Paid at the Treasury Cashier Window

Water Bill

The Santa Ana Municipal Utility Services Section handles requests for water service and customer inquiries and can be reached at (714) 647-5454.


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Parking Tickets

Please remember to bring the parking citation to facilitate payment processing. If the parking citation is misplaced, the license plate number of the vehicle is required for the customer service staff to process payment.

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Business License Tax

A Business Tax bill is required to facilitate payment processing. To obtain a bill, contact the Tax and License section either in person or by phone.

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Dog License

A Dog License account number and the dog location are required to facilitate payment processing. This information can be found on the Dog License Renewal Notice, or by calling the Dog License Section.

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Paramedic Subscription

Any occupant of a home or an assisted living residence within the Santa Ana community may join the Paramedic Subscription Service. The subscriber fee covers all emergency medical services provided in the Santa Ana service area. All permanent occupants of a subscriber’s household and individual subscribers within assisted living residences are covered.

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Building and Inspection Permits

A permit is required to facilitate payment processing. For information regarding the appropriate agency to obtain a permit, call Development Services Information at (714) 647-5800.

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