Pay a bill

There are three ways to make a payment in-person:

  • Drop box
  • Kiosk
  • Cashier window

Drop box

A payment drop box is located at the main entrance to City Hall. Payments made through the night drop box are picked up during business days at 8 am for same day processing. Payments deposited in the drop box after 8 am are processed the next business day. Cash is NOT accepted in the drop box.

Payment types accepted in the drop box are:


Municipal Utility Services may be paid at the Kiosk located at the main entrance of City Hall. The kiosk accepts debit & credit cards, checks, and exact cash (any amount paid in excess of the bill amount due is credited to the Customer’s MUS account). The kiosk does not provide change; any amount paid in excess of the bill amount due will be credited to your account. Note that the kiosk ONLY accepts payments for Municipal Utility Services.

Cashier window

Payments can be made at the Cashier's window on the first floor City Hall. The window is open:

Payment types accepted at the cashier's window are:

Payment methods accepted at the cashier's window are:

  • Cash, Debit & Credit Card, Personal Check, Cashier’s Check or Money Order
  • $5,000 Maximum Credit Card Transaction Limit


20 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana (first floor)


Parking is available in the Civic Center Plaza, off Santa Ana Blvd. between Ross Street and Flower Street. There is a parking fee.


Online payments

Some services accept online payments as listed at the top of this page.

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