Posted on September 12, 2023

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Welcome to our done/doing update for the City of Santa Ana website. This is a recap of what we’ve done August 14, 2023, to September 12, 2023 and what we’re working on next.


  • Homeless division created new contact forms for contacting the housing authority and contacting a caseworker.
  • The City Clerk completed the Rental Housing Board page which includes an application.
  • The Housing division created a Rental Registry page. The Rental Registry is an online portal for landlords to register, update rental unit and tenancy info, submit notices, and pay the City’s fee if applicable.
  • Arts and Culture updated the Public Art Projects page by adding photos of the art and a map.
  • The City Clerk updated the information in the Elections page.
  • Public Works added Electronic plan check pages to allow for Electronic Plan Review requests.



  • Planning and Building is creating new pages for information about accessory dwelling units.
  • Planning and Building is updating the information for the pet clinics.
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