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Commercial cannabis

Welcome to the commercial cannabis portal

This webpage details information on the City's commercial cannabis ordinance, which covers adult-use cannabis retail, and adult-use and medicinal cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and testing laboratories. Please view the Frequently Asked Questions for guidance on the application process and permits. For medicinal retail ("Measure BB"), please visit www.santa-ana.org/medicinal-cannabis..

The City is currently accepting applications for non-retail commercial cannabis businesses, including cultivation, distribution, and/or manufacturing, or laboratory testing.  A single application and single processing fee may be submitted for any combination of cultivation, distribution, and/or manufacturing, or laboratory testing. Please view the flowchart to learn more about the required application process. There is no deadline for to submit applications for non-retail commercial cannabis activities. Applicants are highly encouraged to call the Planning Division counter at (714) 647-5804 or email cannabis@santa-ana.org to schedule a pre-submittal or submittal appointment.

Resources for current applicants or operating cannabis businesses

Cannabis badge requests

Cannabis individual badge requests may be emailed to cannabisbadges@santa-ana.org. The City has updated its Live Scan Request forms in all application packets to reflect a new permit description and mail code. Please ensure applicants are using the latest forms when submitting requests for live scans.

Get #weedwise - Bureau of Cannabis Control

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) has launched a statewide public service campaign, Get #weedwise, encouraging consumers to only purchase cannabis from licensed businesses. Consumers can verify the license status of a cannabis business by visiting https://online.bcc.ca.gov/bcc/customization/bcc/cap/licenseSearch.aspx.

Cannabis deliveries (non-storefront retail)

The City's cannabis ordinances permit cannabis deliveries only as part of business operations of a brick-and-mortar storefront retailer (dispensary) Third-party, non-storefront retail (delivery) businesses that are not part of a dispensary are not permitted. Please view the Commercial Cannabis Ordinance in the left-hand column for additional details.

Adult-use cannabis retail

Applications for adult-use commercial cannabis retail are no longer being accepted. The application period closed on March 1, 2018. Please click here to view the Phase 2/RSP Eligibility List. The City will re-open the Phase 1 and Phase 2 application period(s) if permits become available.

Questions / interest list

For questions about the City's Commercial Cannabis Ordinances or to sign up to receive future updates, please send an e-mail to cannabis@santa-ana.org. Please include your contact information, including your name, phone number, and e-mail address in the e-mail message.

For medicinal cannabis information and inquiries, please visit www.santa-ana.org/medicinal-cannabis.


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