FAQ Topic: Human Resources

Santa Ana Police Officers Association (POA)

Santa Ana Police Officers Association (POA) Memorandum of Understanding POA Side Letter April 9, 2019 POA Side Letter July 7, 2020 POA Side Letter Aug 2020 POA Side Letter May 2021

SEIU General Employees (Full-Time)

SEIU General Employees (Full-Time) Memorandum of Understanding SEIU Side Letter to 2019-2022 MOU SEIU  Side Letter Agreement January 1, 2019 – June 30, 2019 SEIU Side Letter December 5, 2018

What if I am not selected or not interviewed?

Our objective is to hire the best person for the job, so competition is important. If you are not successful in getting a job immediately, your name will remain on the eligibility list for consideration for any future vacancies that occur until the list expires. If you are not hired during that time, you must … Continued

What should I do if I am called for an oral interview?

Be sure that you know: Time and place you should appear for the interview Phone number (important if you can’t make it or an emergency occurs) Name of person who contacted you How long the interview is scheduled to take The job for which you are being considered If you may need a reasonable accommodation … Continued

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