FAQ Topic: Business & Independent Contractors - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My business entity (corporation, LLC, partnership, LP, etc.) is dormant/passive and it is just paying a minimum tax to the Secretary of State. Is it required to get a business license?

Yes. If your business is registered as “active” with the Secretary of State and is reporting on a business return to the FTB and IRS, it will need a business license. Maintaining a business entity within the City, whether it is transacting public business or not, is considered operating a business under the municipal code … Continued

I am an independent operator performing services in association with a licensed Santa Ana business, or nonprofit organization or government agency. Do I have to get a separate business license?

Yes, engaging in business in association with, or performing services for, or in the name of a licensed Santa Ana business or nonprofit organization, or government agency does not relive separate business entities, independent contractors, consultants or other self-employed individuals from the requirement to obtain a City of Santa Ana Business License.

Am I doing “business”? What does Santa Ana consider a “business” and why may the city think I am operating one?

Santa Ana Municipal Code Section 21-3 defines business as including “all activities engaged in or caused to be engaged in within the city, including any commercial or industrial enterprise, trade, profession, occupation, vocation, calling, or livelihood, including rental of residential or commercial real estate, and every other kind of activity whether or not carried on … Continued

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