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Risk Management

The Risk Management Division strives to prevent losses to the City of Santa Ana such as Employee Injury, injury to the public, as well as facility damage, and equipment and property loss.  Prevention programs include employee safety training, hazard identification and risk control.  Individuals are encouraged to report conditions that are possibly dangerous such as potholes, inoperable traffic signals, downed trees, etc. to the City of Santa Ana Public Works Dispatch at 714-647-3380 or use the MySantaAna app on a mobile device.


Risk Management insures City of Santa Ana property and facilities and requires proof of insurance from groups, contractors, consultants, and companies doing business with the City of Santa Ana.

Special Events: short term liability coverage for special events such as parades, festivals, and block parties using City of Santa Ana facilities or property.

Certificates of insurance

Certificates of insurance provided by the City: evidence of insurance required when the City of Santa Ana is using the facilities, property, or equipment of other companies, agencies or individuals.

Certificates of insurance provided to the City: General Liability, Professional Liability, Abuse & Molestation Liability, Cyber Liability, and Automobile Liability insurances are examples of insurance coverages that may be required from those conducting business with the City of Santa Ana.  The City also requires an Additional Insured Endorsements.


Risk Management processes personal injury, property or vehicle damage claims filed against the City of Santa Ana. The terms or acceptance of claim forms by the City is not an admission of ay fault or liability on the part of the City or any officer, agent, or employee thereof.

Liability Claim Process
Liability Claim Form

Workers compensation

The City of Santa Ana is self-insured for workers' compensation claims for City employees.  Employees must report injuries to their supervisors immediately. The City utilizes a Third Party Administer for processing claims from City of Santa Ana employees who have been injured on the job.  Employees with questions may contact Risk Management at (714) 647-5470.

Individuals who are not City of Santa Ana employees but have been injured on the job may contact the State Information and Assistance Officer at (800) 736-7401 to receive information on workers' compensation.

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