FAQ Topic: Public Property Maintenance

Where can I find the street sweeping schedule for my neighborhood?

Residential City streets are swept every week and are posted with the day and time of the sweeping schedule. Click to see a map of the street sweeping schedule. It is illegal to park on the street during the scheduled sweeping times. Vehicles parked on the street when the sweeper passes will receive a parking citation. … Continued

How can I get a new tree planted in the parkway in front of my home?

The City has 40 different species of trees we plant in parkways. However, some trees will not work in certain parkways due to the size of the parkway and the root structure of the tree. Your choice of tree will also be limited to those already planted in your neighborhood’s parkways. You may call the … Continued

Who do I call to report shoes on overhead wires?

To report discarded shoes or foreign objects hanging on overhead wires, you can call the City of Santa Ana Public Works Agency to report the location at the number below or if you are familiar with the utility wires, you can contact the utility company directly. Click here to view an example of overhead wires on a … Continued

How can I report a street light outage?

To report street lighting problems, you may call (714) 647-3380. Before calling, please identify the street light by either an address or a pole number located on the street side of the pole, approximately seven feet above the sidewalk.

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