FAQ Topic: Housing Authority FAQ

What should I do if I want to add/remove a family member?

To add or remove a family member, please complete a Change Report Form and submit proper documentation. If you are adding a family member, please provide a written statement as to why you wish to add the family member. If you are removing a family member, please provide proof of new address.

What is the housing authority’s role under the lease agreement with my tenant?

Our role is to administer the Section 8 program, our responsibilities include determining a family’s eligibility for the program, conducting biannual inspections, and other administrative functions of the program. Although we make every effort to counsel tenants on their behavior, we have no authority or ability to enforce the lease provisions when a tenant does … Continued

What if I have problems with the tenant?

If you have repeated problems with the tenant, you have the right to enforce your lease and take necessary actions against the tenant. Whenever you do start proceedings against a client, you must follow local regulations. Any correspondence sent to the tenant, such as a warning letter or a notice to vacate, please send a … Continued

Can I refuse to rent to an individual?

You have the right to select the tenant you want for your unit using whatever criteria you determine. However, you must not discriminate against an individual because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, familial status, or disability.

How much rent can I expect from my property?

As a landlord, you determine the asking price of your unit. The asking price of your rent must be reasonable compared to other units of similar location, quality, size, type, and age. If the rent is not reasonable to similar units, you may be asked to lower it to accommodate the tenant interested in moving … Continued

How do I submit a rent increase?

A rent increase must be served 60 days in advance and submitted to the tenant and housing authority simultaneously. Please submit rent increase requests directly to SAHArentincrease@santa-ana.org, and not your caseworker. An email confirmation will be sent once the rent increase has been received.

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