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FAQ Topic: Frequently Asked Questions

Someone made a complaint about a code violation on my property and I want to find out who made that complaint. Do I have a right to that information under the Public Records Act?

No. The City takes the position that such information is exempt from the disclosure requirements of the Public Records Act. Therefore, the City will not release such information without a valid court order directing it to do so. Such information could be used to harass citizens who complain about code violations in their neighborhoods.

Who do I call to report a potential Municipal Code violation?

All violations of local laws must be made to an investigative agency such as the Santa Ana Police Department or the Community Preservation Division of the Santa Ana Planning and Building Agency. Do not report violations to the City Attorney.

Who does the City Attorney work for?

The City Attorney, along with the City Manager and the City Clerk, is directly selected by, and serves at the pleasure of the City Council. The City of Santa Ana, represented by the City Council, is the City Attorney’s “client.”

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