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FAQ Topic: Code Enforcement FAQs

What kind of signs can I use for my business?

The City has many sign regulations within the Municipal Code. Before you invest in any sign, call the Planning Division at (714) 647-5804 to ask whether you can or cannot use a particular method of advertising. The following types of signs are prohibited: Freestanding, A-frame and portable signs Aerial and balloon signs or “arches” Signs … Continued

What is an estate sale?

An estate sale is held when the resident is either deceased or must be relocated to a care facility and the home will be vacated and/or sold. If you are going to hold an estate sale, call Code Enforcement at (714) 667-2780 and provide the following information: Address for sale Date(s) of the sale Who … Continued

When can I have a garage sale?

Refer to the information under Garage/Yard Sales. The regulations are for residential properties. If you are a business or church, you must obtain a Land-use Certificate to conduct an outdoor activity.

As a homeowner or tenant, how do I find out what I can do on my property?

Before you do anything, call the Planning Division at (714) 647-5804 to see whether you are permitted to do what you want to do! In addition, alterations and repairs to your home usually require permits. Homes in a historic district may have additional restrictions. Visit this webpage to learn more.

What if I see a violation occurring on public property?

Code Enforcement does not have enforcement authority on public streets, alleys, or sidewalks. For other types of violations or situations occurring on public property, please contact one of the following numbers: Fire/Police (Non-Emergency) – (714) 834-4211 Vehicle blocking the sidewalk – (714) 245-8225 Junk vehicle in the street – (714) 245-8225 Auto repairs in the … Continued

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