FAQ Topic: Annual Certified Audit

How to do your certified annual audit:

Initial annual certified audit filings for Collectives that have completed their fiscal year period on or before December 31, 2016 are due by February 15, 2017. The annual certified audit must take the form of either:  An Independent Financial Audit, or An Audit Review by an Independent Certified Public Accountant As provided in section 18-617.5 … Continued

When is your certified annual audit due?

An annual certified audit filing (“annual audit”) is due to the City by February 15, 2017 for permitted Collectives that have completed one or more initial calendar or fiscal tax year(s) (including short tax years) on or before December 31, 2016. For Collectives that have completed more than one year of operation in the city … Continued

When and how do I file my certified annual audit?

The certified annual audit required under Santa Ana Municipal Code (SAMC) section 18-617.5 [Audits] is due by February 15 of each year. The certified annual audit must reflect your Medical Marijuana Collective/Cooperative’s (“Collective’s”) operations occurring during your declared fiscal year ending on or before December 31st of the preceding year and must address the criteria … Continued

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