When and how do I file my certified annual audit?

The certified annual audit required under Santa Ana Municipal Code (SAMC) section 18-617.5
[Audits] is due by February 15 of each year. The certified annual audit must reflect your Medical
Marijuana Collective/Cooperative’s (“Collective’s”) operations occurring during your declared
fiscal year ending on or before December 31st of the preceding year and must address the criteria
established under SAMC section 18.617.4 [Maintenance of records]. The certified annual audit
should be submitted to the City of Santa Ana (“City”) both in the form of a physical copy as well
as an electronic copy in Portable Document Format (PDF) and must be physically received by the
Office of the Chief of Police on or before February 15. (The PDF copy should be submitted via
Flash Drive.) The certified annual audit copies may be delivered in person, or sent via Certified
United States Mail, or by Express Carrier (FedEx / UPS) to:

Santa Ana Police Department
Office of the Chief (M-18)
60 Civic Center Plaza Santa Ana, CA 92701
Attn: Commander Jose Gonzalez

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