FAQ Topic: Animal Services

Sec. 5-60. – Reports of complaints

Written complaints may be made by any person to the animal control officer alleging that any dog or other animal is a nuisance by reason of: (1) Noise (as set forth in section 5-59 hereof); (2) Nonrestraint (as set forth in sections 5-14 and 5-58 hereof); (3) Viciousness (as set forth in section 5-72 hereof); or (4) Due to the destruction … Continued

Sec. 5-59.1. – Enforcement—noisy animals

(a) Any enforcement officer has the authority to issue an administrative citation pursuant to the procedures set forth in sections 1-21.1—1-21.9 of this Code to any responsible person for a noisy animal, including a barking dog, violation that the enforcement officer did not see or hear based upon a complaint signed under penalty of perjury … Continued

Sec. 5-59. – Noisy animals

It is hereby declared to be a nuisance for any person to keep, maintain or permit on any lot, parcel of land, or premises under his/her control any animal, including a barking dog as defined in subsection 5-1(q), within the city limits which is in the habit of either disturbing the peace and quiet of any … Continued

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