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How can I find out if street sweeping is cancelled?

We typically only cancel street sweeping due to bad weather. If we cancel street sweeping, we will send an alert through our City website’s news feed, on City social media, through subscribed email alerts, and by push notification from the mySantaAna app. You can also call us at (714) 647-3380 to find out if street … Continued

Does the City have a senior center?

The City has two senior centers, the Santa Ana Senior Center and the Southwest Senior Center. To learn more about senior services and hours, visit the Parks and Recreation senior services webpage.

Do you offer youth and teen programs?

Yes – a variety of programs are offered for youth and teens ages 5-17 years of age. To learn more, visit the Parks and Recreation youth and teens webpage.

Do you offer swimming lessons?

Swimming lessons will be available Summer 2023 as aquatic programs return to the City of Santa Ana. To learn more, visit the Parks and Recreation aquatics webpage.

Do you offer adult sports?

Yes – there are seasonal adult sports programs offered. Visit the Parks and Recreation sports webpage for more information.

Do you have any community gardens?

The City houses five community gardens. To learn more about local community garden locations and hours visit the Parks and Recreation community gardens webpage.

Do you host community events?

Yes – we host several community events that are open to the public. To learn more about the events and dates, please visit the Parks and Recreation events webpage.

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