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On August 15, 2023, the City of Santa Ana launched the Rental Registry. Under the Ordinance, the City must create a Rental Registry and all landlords with rental units in the City of Santa Ana must complete and submit registration forms for each rental unit. The Rental Registry is an online portal where landlords will register their rental units, update rental unit information, update tenancy information, submit notices, and pay the City’s rental registry fee if applicable.

Maximum Allowable Increase

The current maximum allowable increase is 2.54%, effective until August 31, 2024. Below is an informational calculator to help you assess whether you were charged the correct rent increase. If you have questions about your rent increase, please contact us through the form below.

Rental Registry Fee

The ordinance requires landlords to pay a $100.00 annual fee to implement, administer, monitor, support, and enforce the provisions of the ordinance. The fee is not considered "rent." Landlords are allowed to pass-through fifty percent of the fee which is $50.00 to tenants of a rental unit in twelve equal monthly installments.

If a landlord charges a tenant a pass-through fee greater than $50.00, the landlord shall reimburse the tenant for the registration fee pass-through overpayment.

The pass-through fee is charged by rental unit, not by the number of tenants.

For example:

If Unit A has 5 tenants, the pass-through fee is $50.00.

If Unit B has 1 tenant, the pass-through fee is $50.00.

Community Resources

If you believe the owner or property manager for your rental unit or mobilehome may not be in compliance with the Ordinance, or you need assistance interpreting the Ordinance, please reach out to one of the City’s community partners:

Community Legal Aid SoCal

Public Law Center

Fair Housing Council of Orange County

Latino Health Access

The California Courts Self-Help Guide assists landlords and tenants by offering the following resources:

Click here for more eviction and housing self-help resources.

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