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As a means to spur growth of the local tax base and to encourage Santa Ana residents to shop local , we developed the Resident Vehicle Incentive Program (VIP) that incentivizes Santa Ana residents and businesses to purchase a car or truck from one of 10 franchised Santa Ana auto dealers.

How it works

the VIP provides a $500 rebate to Santa Ana residents or business owners who purchase a new or pre-owned car or truck from a franchised Santa Ana auto dealer.

Participating dealerships

  1. Audi South Coast – 1425 Auto Mall Drive, Santa Ana, CA
  2. Crevier BMW – 1500 Auto Mall Drive, Santa Ana, CA
  3. Crevier Mini – 1455 Auto Mall Drive, Santa Ana, CA
  4. Freeway Honda – 1505 Auto Mall Drive, Santa Ana, CA
  5. Guaranty Chevrolet – 711 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA
  6. Lincoln South Coast – 1405 Auto Mall Drive, Santa Ana, CA
  7. Subaru Orange Coast – 1350 Auto Mall Drive, Santa Ana, CA
  8. Tom’s Truck Center – 909 N Grand Avenue, Santa Ana, CA
  9. Volkswagen South Coast– 1450 Auto Mall Drive, Santa Ana, CA
  10. Volvo of Orange County – 1400 S Dan Gurney Drive, Santa Ana, CA


Any Santa Ana resident or business owner who purchases or leases a new or pre-owned automobile or truck from one of the eligible dealerships listed above is eligible to receive the $500 rebate.

  • Qualified residents must be able to provide proof of Santa Ana residency to dealership by registering their new purchase in Santa Ana and one of the following:
    • Valid California driver’s license
    • Utility bill
    • Property tax bill
    • Proof of insurance
    • Bank statement
  • Qualified businesses must provide proof of valid Santa Ana business license.
  • Qualified residents and businesses must sign a Santa Ana Resident/Business Rebate Form verifying residency and operation of business in Santa Ana.
  • $500 rebate will be applied towards the agreed upon purchase/lease price in the final sales contract.
  • Minimum used car purchase is subject to a final sales price of $15,000 (after all manufacturer rebates and dealer incentives).

Qualifying vehicles

  • All new purchases of new or pre-owned cars or trucks are eligible.
  • All new leases of a new or pre-owned cars or truck are eligible.
  • Motorcycles, off-road vehicles or watercraft are not eligible purchases under this program.


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