Utility service for low income households

Learn How to Apply for a Low-Income Exemption for the Utility User Tax

The City of Santa Ana applies a Utility Users’ Tax to users of telephone, electric, gas and water services. Santa Ana voters approved ballot measure AA on November 4, 2014 which reduces the Utility Users’ Tax rate from six percent (6%) to five and one half percent (5½%). In accordance with state law, utility service providers are in the process of implementing the new voter approved rate structure which shall be effective for all service providers no later than April 1, 2015. The Treasurer’s Office has been authorized to offer an exemption of the Utility Users Tax to low-income households. The Exemption Application is available in English and Spanish in PDF format at UUT-Low Income Exemption (English/Spanish).

To Qualify for the Low Income Exemption

  1. The account must be in the utility account holder's name
  2. The account holder is not claimed as a dependent on another person’s income tax return
  3. The total income level of the household does not exceed the income levels listed below
  4. The account holder self-certifies that the household meets all the program’s eligibility criteria
  5. A completed, signed application is reviewed and approved by the Treasurer’s Office

Household Maximum Income

  • 1 person $14,300
  • 2 people $14,300
  • 3 people $16,900
  • 4 people $20,200
  • 5 people $23,500
  • 6+ people add $3,300 for each additional person
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