FAQ Topic: Planning and Building

Can I sell or rent my ADU?

ADUs may be rented separately from the primary residence, but shall not be used as a short-term vacation rental. An ADU may only be sold separately from the primary building on the lot if the primary building and the ADU were built or developed by a qualified non-profit corporation in accordance with Government Code Section … Continued

Can I build a two story ADU?

Attached ADUs may be built up to the same height permitted in the underlying zoning district for the primary building. Detached ADUs may be built up to two stories not exceeding 20 feet in height. Conversion of an existing accessory structure or a portion of the existing primary residence to an ADU is not subject … Continued

Step 4. Plan check approval

Once the project materials are revised to reflect any missing information and are approved by the Planning Division, the Building Division will be notified that the project is ready for plan check. At that time a representative from the Building Division will contact you. While waiting for the Building Division to contact you, visit the … Continued

Step 3. Upload required documents and payment

Upon approval of your new Pre-Approved ADU request, you will be invited (via email) to create an account and submit your project materials into a portal for review. Please follow the E-Plan Check Review Upload and Submittal Guide for file naming, size requirements and uploading instructions. You will have 5 days to upload your files … Continued

Step 2. Submit a request for an electronic plan check

Projects utilizing the Pre-Approved ADU Plans can only submit via electronic plan check. Click here to request an electronic plan review for a new Pre-Approved ADU. Please allow up to 3 business days for our staff to process your request and respond with an email with further instruction. While you wait for a response, pleaseĀ  … Continued

Step 1. Qualify

To utilize Santa Ana’s Pre-Approved ADU Plans, your property must meet the following requirements: Proposed to be developed or currently developed with a single-family or two-family residence Not in a flood zone Not in a historical district Not in a SD-19 zoning district Not in a SD-40 zoning district Proposed project must meet grading permit … Continued

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