FAQ Topic: Planning and Building

Step 4. Plan check approval

Once the project materials are revised to reflect any missing information and are approved by the Planning Division, visit the Building Division page to submit the necessary documents for Building Division electronic plan check review. Provide the following necessary forms, applications, and handouts to the Building Division: Site Plan Hold Harmless Agreement Cover Page of … Continued

Step 3. Upload required documents and payment

Upon approval of your new Pre-Approved ADU request, you will be invited (via email) to create and account and submit your project materials into a portal for review. Please follow the E-Plan Check Review Upload and Submittal Guide¬†for file naming, size requirements and uploading instructions. You will have 5 days to upload your files after … Continued

Step 2. Submit a request for an electronic plan check

Prepare your site plan and click here to request an electronic plan review for a new Pre-Approved ADU. Please allow up to 3 business days for our staff to process your request and respond with an email with further instruction. While you wait for a response, complete the following required documents in addition to your … Continued

Step 1. Qualify

To utilize Santa Ana’s Pre-Approved ADU Plans, your property must meet the following requirements: Zoned for a single-family or two-family residential property Not in a flood zone Not in a historical district Not in an SD-19 zone Not in a SD-40 zone

What fees do I have to pay to build an ADU?

Application review, permit, and development impact fees may be applicable to your ADU development project.¬† Please refer to the Planning Division fee schedule linked here.  

Do I have to provide parking for an ADU? Am I exempt from parking?

For ADUs, one parking space is required for newly constructed units unless the unit is: Within 1/2 mile of public transit. Created within the area of an existing building. In a historic district. Not offered an on-street parking permit when one is required. On the same block as a car share. A studio unit. No … Continued

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