FAQ Topic: Clerk of the Council

Is there a fee involved?

If the information is in hard copy only and must be photocopied, or if you desire a hard copy printout, the cost is 25 cents per page. If the information you request is available in an electronic format and you desire it in that format, the file(s) can be copied to a DVD/CD/USB at a … Continued

Important Election Dates

July 18  to August 12 – NOMINATION PERIOD Candidates may come to the City Clerk’s office to pick up their nomination papers and file other election documents during business hours as posted, by appointment ONLY. NOTE: The Santa Ana City Charter requires persons running for City Council to be a thirty (30) day resident of … Continued

Agendas, minutes, and recordings

City Council public hearings Meeting date Agendas Recordings Minutes October 5, 2021 Agenda Video Minutes October 19, 2021 Agenda Video Minutes November 2, 2021 Agenda Video Minutes November 15, 2021 Agenda Video Minutes December 6, 2021 Agenda Video Minutes January 18, 2022 Agenda Video Minutes February 1, 2022 Agenda Video Minutes February 16, 2022 Agenda … Continued

On election day, how and where do I vote?

Before each election, the Registrar of Voters sends every registered voter a Voter Information Guide “Sample Ballot” that lists the candidates and tells the voter where to vote. To Vote-by-Mail or see more voting options for select Vote Centers, please visit www.ocvote.com/voting.

How do I get to be a registered voter in Santa Ana?

Any person who is 18 years of age and a citizen of the United States or naturalized citizen can register to vote by filling out an Affidavit of Registration.  Check the Registrar of Voters website  for further information.  Registration forms are available at the following locations: County of Orange Registrar of Voters Office 1300 South Grand Avenue … Continued

Who is responsible for conducting City elections?

The City Clerk and the Orange County Registrar of Voters jointly conduct elections for the City of Santa Ana.  The Clerk’s staff advises candidates about procedures; accepts and maintains campaign statement reports; provides voter registration forms; maintains precinct information; and provides maps and instruction manuals to candidates.  The Registrar of Voters prints the ballots and … Continued

When do candidates who are elected take office?

The Registrar of Voters Office certifies election results (the Registrar has up to 30 days following election day).  The final results are sent to the City Clerk who in turn presents them to the City Council at a Special Meeting for acceptance.  The City Council approves the election results. The City Clerk administers the Oath … Continued

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