Rent Stabilization Newsletter – June 2024

Posted on June 28, 2024

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News and Updates

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Rent Stabilization Program Updates

2024-25 Maximum Allowable Rent Increase Announcement

The maximum allowable rent increase for the period September 1, 2024 through August 31, 2025, is:


According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, which reports the applicable CPI, the increase in CPI from May 2023 through May 2024 was 3.88% (as indicated in Table 1). Since 80% of the change in CPI through May 2024 is more than 3%, the allowable rent increase for the period effective September 1, 2024 through August 31, 2025, will be 3.00%.

Maximum Allowable Rent Increase Table

Please use the links below for further information on the calculation of the maximum allowable increase, as well as further instructions on how property owners may apply the increase depending on when their last increase was applied.

Notice of Allowable Rent Increase – English

Notice of Allowable Rent Increase – Spanish

Notice of Allowable Rent Increase – Vietnamese

Exemptions Notice

Serving our Residents

City staff serves the public on a daily basis by responding to telephone and email inquiries about the Rent Stabilization and Just Cause Eviction Ordinance and general landlord/tenant issues. Persons contacting the City include landlords, tenants, real estate brokers, prospective tenants and prospective property owners. The most common topics of concern are evictions, allowable rent increases, and the City’s Rental Registry.

Public Inquiries
May 2023 to May 2024

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Community Outreach

  • On Wednesday, June 5th, City staff from the Rent Stabilization Division had the privilege of presenting at an important community event organized by the Pico Lowell Neighborhood Association. The event, titled “Housing is a Human Right,” took place at Pio Pico Elementary School. Our team provided valuable information about tenant rights and rent stabilization policies. We were joined by the dedicated staff from the Public Law Center, who also shared their expertise on tenant rights. The event featured a raffle giveaway and was a great opportunity for community members to learn more about their housing rights and resources available to them.


  • On Wednesday, June 12th, and Wednesday, June 26th, Latino Health Access opened their doors to the Rent Stabilization Division for two evening events focused on educating the community about the City’s Ordinance and tenant rights. Our team presented crucial information on rent stabilization, just cause eviction, rent increases, eviction reasons, and the responsibilities of both landlords and tenants. These events are part of our ongoing effort to ensure that all community members are informed about their housing rights and protections.


  • On Friday, June 14th, the Rent Stabilization Division participated in the Summer in the Parks event at Adams Park. Our team set up an information table where we provided details about the rent stabilization and just cause eviction ordinance, answered community questions, and handed out snacks to enjoy during the festivities. It was a wonderful opportunity to engage with residents, offering valuable resources and support in a lively and welcoming environment. We appreciate everyone who stopped by our table and look forward to continuing our outreach efforts to keep the community informed.

LHA Event 6.12.24

(Above – RSD presentation at Latino Health Access (6.12.24))

Pio Pico Event

(Above – “Housing is a Human Right” event at Pio Pico Elementary School)

Upcoming Events – Summer Community Workshops

El Salvador Community Center

  • Rent Stabilization Ordinance Workshop
  • Thursday, July 11th: 6-7:30pm
  • 1825 W. Civic Center Drive, Santa Ana, CA 92703

Santa Ana Senior Center

  • Rent Stabilization Ordinance Workshop w/ Community Legal Aid SoCal
  • Wednesday, July 31st: 6-7:30pm
  • 424 W. 3rd St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Garfield Community Center

  • Rent Stabilization Ordinance Workshop
  • Thursday, August 1st: 6-7:30pm
  • 902 Brown St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Salgado Community Center

  • Rent Stabilization Ordinance Workshop
  • Wednesday, August 14th: 6-7:30pm
  • 706 N. Newhope St, Santa Ana, CA 92703

Jerome Community Center

  • Rent Stabilization Ordinance Workshop
  • Thursday, August 29th: 6-7:30pm
  • 2115 W. McFadden Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92704

Rental Housing Board

The Rent Stabilization and Just Cause Eviction Ordinance (“Ordinance”) provides for the administration and enforcement of renter protections for Santa Ana renters by establishing a Rental Housing Board.

Under Section 8-3180 of the Ordinance, the Rental Housing Board (“Board”) shall consist of seven (7) Board Members. Each City Councilmember shall appoint one (1) Board Member, to be approved by the City Council, in an equitable order based upon a random lottery process. The Board shall be comprised of:

  1. Three (3) Tenants, including at least one (1) Mobilehome Tenant
  2. Two (2) Landlords; and
  3. Two (2) at-large Members with no financial interest in and no ownership of income-generating rental housing. (For example, an owner of a single-family dwelling that lives in that dwelling.)

Applications are currently being accepted and are located on the City Clerk’s Office website at If you or someone you know may be interested in serving on the Rental Housing Board, we encourage you to apply.

Know Your Rights

If you believe the owner or property manager for your rental unit or mobilehome may not be in compliance with the Ordinance, or you need assistance interpreting the Ordinance, please reach out to one of the City’s community partners:

Fair Housing Council of Orange County

2021 E. 4th Street, Suite 122

Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone: 714-569-0823 Option 4

Public Law Center

601 Civic Center Drive West

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone: 714-541-1010 x 303

Community Legal Aid SoCal

2101 North Tustin Avenue

Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone: 714-571-5200

Latino Health Access

450 W 4th Street

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone: 714-542-7792

Please be advised, the City does not recommend or endorse any particular law firm or agency, but leaves it up to tenants to determine their best course of action and chosen representation, if necessary.

Contact Us:

801 W. Civic Center Drive

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Tel: (714) 667-2209

Fax: (714) 547-5411

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