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Posted on April 27, 2023

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The eviction process: how it works and what to know

The City of Santa Ana’s Rent Stabilization and Just Cause Eviction Ordinance (“Ordinance”) provides “just cause” eviction protections for most tenants that occupy a residential real property or mobilehome for 30 days. The key just cause eviction provisions of the Ordinance are outlined below:
  • After 30 days, an owner shall not terminate a tenancy without just cause, which shall be stated in a written notice.
  • Tenants can only be evicted for one of the “just cause” reasons as set forth in Section 8-3120(b), which includes certain at-fault and no-fault causes.
  • Before issuing a notice to terminate for just cause, the owner shall first give notice of the violation with a time period for the tenant to fix the violation(s).
  • Under a no-fault just cause termination, the owner shall either provide 3 months of relocation assistance or waive payment of rent for the final 3 months of the tenancy.
  • The just cause eviction provisions of the Ordinance shall not apply to certain types of exempt residential property, including housing produced in the last 15 years; deed-restricted affordable housing; hotel and transient occupancy; hospital and care facilities; dormitories; and other shared living quarters. Please refer to Section 8-3120(e) for the specific requirements of these exemptions.

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How does the eviction process work?

The eviction process has several stages. If you rent or own a rental unit in Santa Ana, the infographic below will help you learn more about the eviction process and important timelines to be aware of.

Eviction process infographic 

Do the just cause eviction provisions of the Ordinance apply to me?

If you received an eviction notice, the infographic below will help you learn more about the just cause eviction provisions of the Ordinance, and whether they may apply to you.

Just cause eviction infographic 

Self-help resources

The California Courts Self-Help Guide assists landlords and tenants by offering the following resources:

Eviction data in Santa Ana

In observance of Affordable and Fair Housing Month, the Orange County Eviction Diversion Collaborative (OCEDC), Orange County United Way and St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund have launched a new baseline report regarding the state of evictions in Orange County. The report’s data-based findings include information about eviction trends during the COVID-19 pandemic and the types of households most at risk for housing instability. Below are key findings from the report associated with renter households in the City of Santa Ana:

  • In a tally of rent-based evictions in the years 2020, 2021, and 2022, Santa Ana ranked among the top three cities in Orange County with the highest count of evictions.
  • 0.95% of renting households in Santa Ana were formally evicted for nonpayment of rent through court proceedings in the years 2020, 2021, and 2022. This is the seventh highest percentage in Orange County.
  • Renters in Irvine, Anaheim, and Santa Ana had the Highest Numbers of Emergency Rental Assistance Program recipients.

As members of the Orange County Eviction Diversion Collaborative, the City of Santa Ana is committed to actively addressing the critical issues facing our community and ensuring residents have the support they need. Recognizing the need for increased housing security for renter households, the City of Santa Ana became the first city in Orange County to adopt a Rent Stabilization Ordinance and Just Cause Eviction Ordinance in November 2021.

View the full baseline report 

Resource spotlight – OC Human Relations mediation services

OC Human Relations provides up to 8 hours of mediation services to Orange County residents at no charge. Mediation provides parties with a way to address a conflict situation before it escalates to the point that the parties go to court and/or personal relationships are destroyed. In mediation, parties work together in a non-adversarial process facilitated by the mediator to understand their different perspectives on the problem and collaborate to find a solution that can work for both parties involved.
At the conclusion of the mediation process, the mediator will prepare an Agreement Form listing the specific agreements the parties have reached. Parties have the option to keep the terms private or allow for the agreements to be binding and admissible in court, depending on the case type. If the parties do not reach any agreements through the mediation process, they do not have to worry that participation in mediation can negatively impact them, because discussions conducted during mediation are confidential.
To learn more about mediation services, call 714-480-6575 or visit to fill out a Mediation Inquiry Form.

Serving our residents

City staff serves the public on a daily basis by responding to telephone and email inquiries about the Rent Stabilization and Just Cause Eviction Ordinance and general landlord/tenant issues. Since the inception of the Rent Stabilization Program in November 2021, staff members have spoken with over 2,000 individuals. Persons contacting the City include landlords, tenants, real estate brokers, prospective tenants and prospective property owners. The most common topics of concern are evictions and allowable rent increases.



Know your rights

If you believe the owner or property manager for your rental unit or mobilehome may not be in compliance with the Ordinance, or you need assistance interpreting the Ordinance, please reach out to one of the City’s community partners:

Fair Housing Council of Orange County

2021 E. 4th Street, Suite 122
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: 714-569-0823 Option 4


Public Law Center

601 Civic Center Drive West
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Phone: 714-541-1010 x 303


Community Legal Aid SoCal

2101 North Tustin Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: 714-571-5200

Latino Health Access

450 W 4th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Phone: 714-542-7792
Please be advised, the City does not recommend or endorse any particular law firm or agency, but leaves it up to tenants to determine their best course of action and chosen representation, if necessary.

Contact us:

20 Civic Center Plaza
Santa Ana, CA 92702
Tel: (714) 667-2209
Fax: (714) 547-5411


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