What is the Business License Tax Holiday Program?

The Business License Tax Holiday is a temporary program authorizing the waiver of: (1) prior year taxes, penalties, and interest due for unlicensed businesses; (2) unpaid current year penalties and interest assessed upon licensed businesses who owe current year business license taxes; and (3) penalties and interest assessable on underreported or misfiled taxes by licensed business who are currently not in compliance with the City’s business license tax. The aim of the Tax Holiday Program is to encourage all businesses including, but not limited to: all commercially-based businesses, home-based businesses, commercial and residential landlords, and independent contractors, including self-employed free-lancers & gig entrepreneurs, who have not yet obtained their required business license(s), or who owe unpaid, underreported, or misfiled taxes to come forward and fully comply with the City’s business license tax requirements.

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