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ABC Mouse

ABCmouse is the #1 learning app for children ages 2–8+, with more than 8,500 activities that teach reading, math, science, health, social studies, art, and music. ABCmouse makes learning fun and exciting, and it teaches children through books, games, songs, puzzles, videos, and more!

APS Physics Journals

Find peer-reviewed, original research and scientific literature on everything related to physics.

Brainfuse Online Tutoring

No matter where you are, get free live online homework help, play games, take practice tests, and learn. Connect with a live tutor from any device with an internet connection. Need help understanding your assignments? Visit Brainfuse HelpNow to get FREE online one-to-one tutoring

Britannica School

Britannica School is the go-to site for learning more about any subject—for all grades and all reading abilities—offering thousands of up-to-date, curated, and curriculum-relevant articles, images, videos, audio clips, primary sources, maps, research tools, recommended websites, and three separate databases—Elementary, Middle, or High.


Experience the world through cultural information in more than 200 countries.

Gale in Context: Environmental

Learn about environmental issues such as pollution, land use, global change, and more.

Gale in Context: Science

Science comes to life as you zoom, rotate, and explore interactive 3D models. View related reference articles and search Gale content to find more information.

HeinOnline: Slavery in America and the World

HeinOnline is a premier online database containing more than 170 million pages and 200,000 titles of historical and government documents in a fully searchable, image-based format. Browse our exclusive collection on Slavery in America and the World.

National Geographic Kids

Broaden your horizons with reputable, authoritative, age-appropriate digital content that brings you the world in a way you’ve never seen before. National Geographic Kids will take you on amazing adventures in science, nature, culture, archaeology, and space.


Find top news stories, current research, and images on key global issues, events, and people on many topics.


Find scholarly journals, books, videos & audio, dissertations & theses, newspapers, and more.

ProQuest Ebook Central

Ebook Central delivers breadth and depth of ebooks from scholarly sources, including University Presses and other top publishers.

ProQuest Research Companion

Learn how to conduct scholarly research with short instructional videos that answer questions like  “How do I choose a topic?” “Where do I find information?” and “How do I evaluate sources?”

SIRS Discoverer (Grades 4-8)

Find age-appropriate newspaper, magazine, book, and website for content areas such as history, health, language arts, math, science, social studies, and technology.

SIRS Issues Researcher

SIRS Issues Researcher provides authoritative insight into the most-studied social issues by delivering the pros and cons from relevant, credible documents and graphics selected by trained editors and curated from over 2,000 global sources.


Discover diverse and award-winning books, lesson plans, video book trailers, reader’s theater scripts, and more.

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