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Strange New Planet

Good Night, Oppy!Good night, Oppy! Bookcover

by McGowan, James

Learn all about the Mars Opportunity Rover “Oppy” in this fictionalized account of the space exploration robot’s time on the red planet.



Snakes in SpaceSnakes in space book cover

by Dennis, Kathryn

Snakes in space? Yes, indeed. The colorful crew explores stars and planets on a fabuloussss adventure with accessible, fun, sibilant text. Brimming with rocket ships and planets, this outer space adventure is also a fun read aloud. And at the end, there’s a surprise sure to delight readers, as one of the snakes makes a new friend!


Captain Cat Goes to MarsCaptain Cat goes to Mars book cover

by Virján, Emma J.

Captain Cat and Pilot Matt want to take a trip, so they hop on their spaceship and take off to Mars. Adventure and friendly aliens–await them on the red planet!




Space Traveler Sally BrownSpace traveler Sally Brown book cover

by Hastings, Ximena

Sally Brown is writing a report about Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. There’s only one thing for Sally Brown to do: Become an astronaut, too! A special section at the back of the book includes nonfiction facts about famous female NASA astronauts!



A Rover’s StoryA rover's story book cover

by Warga, Jasmine

The One and Only Ivan meets The Wild Robot in this unique and deeply moving middle grade novel about the journey of a fictional Mars rover, from the Newbery Honor-winning author.



StowawayStowaway book cover

by Anderson, John David

A beloved author returns with the first book in a coming-of-age sci-fi duology about Leo, a kid trying to navigate the galaxy in order to save his family–and, possibly, the planet Earth.



Luz Lucero, Niña AstronautaLuz Lucero, niña astronauta book cover

by Hernández, Zaida

Luz Lucero has won the contest of a lifetime: to break barriers and become the first kid in space. To prepare for her legendary mission, she will taste-test delicious astronaut meals, practice her spacewalk, and learn new languages. Before you know it, we will witness this star-gazing girl’s first blastoff into space.



Enciclopedia Britannica para ninos El EspacioEnciclopedia Britannica para ninos El espacio book cover

¿Estás preparado para un viaje alucinante a través del universo? Adéntrate en el espacio con esta increíble Enciclopedia Británica, la enciclopedia más reconocida y rigurosa del mundo.




My First Space BookMy first space book book cover

by Gifford, Clive

This stellar volume provides the information they need, including astonishing facts about the sun, moon, planets, and our own Earth. High-interest science curricular topics such as black holes, asteroids, and space missions are explained through comprehensible and at-level text.



Visiting SpaceVisiting space book cover

by Markovics, Joyce L.

Humans have been visiting space since 1961, the year the first person traveled to space. Since that time, countless others, in addition to thousands of spacecraft, have gone to space with hopes of exploring our solar system and beyond. This book offers a comprehensive look at this fascinating topic.


Beyond the Solar System Exploring Galaxies, Black Holes, Alien Planets, and MoreBeyond the Solar System Exploring Galaxies, Black Holes, Alien Planets, and More book cover

by Carson, Mary Kay

Tracing the evolution of humankind’s pursuit of astronomical knowledge, this resource looks deep into the furthest reaches of space. Children will follow along as the realization that the Earth is not at the center of the universe leads all the way up to recent telescopic proof of planets orbiting stars outside the solar system.


Packing for MarsPacking for Mars : the curious science of life in the void book cover

by Roach, Mary

America’s funniest science writer explores the irresistibly strange universe of life without gravity in this New York Times bestseller.


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