Is my tap water hard? What is the hardness level in Santa Ana’s tap water?

Tap water hardness varies because it absorbs minerals like calcium and magnesium as it passes through soil and rock. These minerals aren’t harmful and can actually supplement essential nutrients in your body. In Santa Ana, as in much of Southern California, hard water is common due to elevated levels of these minerals. Santa Ana’s water has a hardness of about 250 parts per million or approximately 15 grains per gallon.

While the taste of drinking water is subjective and varies among individuals, some residents choose to use water softening treatment systems for their homes or businesses. The City of Santa Ana does not endorse or recommend any specific systems. However, if you are interested in exploring water filter options, the California Water Board website provides a comprehensive list of hundreds of registered Residential Water Treatment Devices. Visit this webpage to find a filter that meets your specific needs. When selecting one, consider capacity, regeneration method, warranty, and manufacturer reputation.

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