How will the addition of an ADU/JADU/Garage Conversion affect my parking permit eligibility?

An ADU/JADU/Garage Conversion can affect current/future permit parking allocation.

If I live on a permit parking street and I add an ADU/JADU/Garage Conversion to my Single Family Dwelling will it change my permit parking eligibility?

Yes, an ADU/JADU/Garage Conversion is considered a unit and it will change the classification of a Single Family Dwelling to a Multi-Family Dwelling. Therefore the number of permits allotted will change.

If I have a four-plex and add one (1) more unit, will this change my permit parking eligibility?

Yes, properties with more than four units do not qualify for parking permits.

If I add an ADU/JADU/Garage Conversion, will my ADU/JADU/Garage Conversion get three parking permits and guest passes like my Single Family Dwelling?

No. Adding an ADU/JADU/Garage Conversion will adversely change your permit allotment.

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