Counting to BananasCounting to bananas Bookcover

by Tillotson, Carrie

A hilarious, mostly-rhyming picture book about a banana and narrator who can’t quite agree on what their book is about.


The Sour GrapeThe sour grape Bookcover

by John, Jory

The Sour Grape holds grudges for every reason under the sun. Lime never returned a scarf they borrowed Grudge! Orange never called back Grudge! But when a friend holds a grudge against the Sour Grape without listening to an explanation, the Sour Grape realizes how unfair grudges can be. Could a bunch of forgiveness and compassion be enough to turn a sour grape sweet



Maggie and Pie and the Perfect PicnicMaggie and Pie and the perfect picnic Bookcover

by Scoppettone, Carolyn Cory

Highlights Puzzle Readers offer an innovative approach to learning that integrates puzzles and stories to develop motivated, confident readers. These Level 1 books are perfect for kids who are reading simple sight words and sounding out decodable text.




Snail Finds a HomeSnail Finds a Home Bookcover

by Peterson, Mary

Chuckle your way through this easy-to-read illustrated chapter book about a snail who’s looking for a new place to hang his shell.




Flower PowerFlower power bookcover

by Mews, Melody

When Itty learns that the royal gardens haven’t been tended to for ages, she decides to take matters into her own paws. Itty’s talking flower friends help her out by telling her exactly what they need to flourish. But there’s one thing she can’t seem to give them enough of: attention. Flowers simply love attention! That’s when Itty comes up with a plan to throw a royal garden party. But will it be enough?


Apple Adventure!Apple adventure! bookcover

by Berrow, G. M.

Join Miradero’s favorite PALs as they explore the frontier and beyond in the first installment of an adventurous new original fiction chapter book series, inspired by DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free.



¡A Recoger Manzanas!A recoger manzanas! bookcover

by Ransom, Candice F.

Celebra el otoño con este divertido álbum ilustrado en español lleno de manzanas. ¡Es perfecto para pequeños que comienzan a leer solos!




La Alimentación SaludableLa alimentación saludable bookcover

by Gleisner, Jenna Lee

Emergent readers see and read about eating healthy options from each of the five main food groups. Carefully crafted text uses high-frequency words, repetitive sentence patterns, and strong visual references to support emergent readers and ensure reading success.



FruitsFruits bookcover

by Rodriguez, Alicia

What is your favorite kind of fruit? In this book, young readers will be introduced to all kinds of fruits from many kinds of plants. Children will enjoy reading about how plants grow fruits, while also building confidence in their reading skills.



Let’s Explore Apples!Let's explore apples! bookcover

by Colella, Jill

Do you like sweet or tart apples? Visit a farm to discover how apples grow, what the different types of apples are, and how they taste. Make some delicious applesauce, and discover how to find the star inside every apple. Includes a recipe for applesauce and ideas for an apple tasting party.



A Step-by-Step Guide to Botanical Drawing & PaintingA step-by-step guide to botanical drawing & painting Create realistic pencil and watercolor illustrations of flowers, fruits, plants and more! (with over 800 illustrations) bookcover

by Kobayashi, Hidenari

In this lushly illustrated book, master painter and art teacher Hidenari Kobayashi provides step-by-step instructions showing you how to create botanical drawings and paintings in the popular French botanical style.



Any Size, Anywhere Edible GardeningAny size, anywhere edible gardening The no yard, no time, no problem way to grow your own food bookcover

by Moss, William

his book covers container gardening, vertical gardening, raised-bed gardening, and traditional methods to help gardeners everywhere bring a taste of homegrown freshness to their gardening experience.



Chew on ThisChew on This bookcover

by Bussard, M. D., Brooke

A fun and refreshing approach to learning how food choices impact our health. Confusion around nutrition leads consumers down a variety of paths in search of optimal health. Dr. Brooke Bussard presents information with clarity and a new down-to-earth approach.





Plant SciencePlant science : an introduction to botany bookcover

by Kleier, Catherine

Look around right now, chances are there is a plant. It could be a succulent in a pot on a desk, grasses or shrubs just outside the door, or trees in a park across the way. Proximity to plants tends to make people happy, even if they don’t notice, offering unique pleasures and satisfactions. Open the eyes to the phenomenal and exciting world of botany!




Braiding Sweetgrass for Young AdultsBraiding sweetgrass for young adults bookcover

by Kimmerer, Robin Wall

Drawing from her experiences as an Indigenous scientist, botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer demonstrated how all living things–from strawberries and witch hazel to water lilies and lichen–provide us with gifts and lessons every day in her best-selling book.



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