Alka Seltzer Rockets

Snakes in SpaceSnakes in space Bookcover

by Dennis, Kathryn

Snakes in space? Yes, indeed. The colorful crew explores stars and planets on a fabuloussss adventure with accessible, fun, sibilant text. Brimming with rocket ships and planets, this outer space adventure is also a fun read aloud. And at the end, there’s a surprise sure to delight readers, as one of the snakes makes a new friend!


Blast OffBlast Off Bookcover

by Cain, Linda C.

An inspiring story about a young Black girl who wants to be an astronaut, written years before Black astronauts were sent into space. This remarkable picture book has been out of print for decades, until now.

Go Away! & Let’s Make a RocketGo Away! & Let's Make a Rocket Bookcover

by Dale, Elizabeth

A cranky farmer, some creative animals, and a group of friends who love building things help engage emergent readers. The charming illustrations and age-appropriate text make reading fun for everyone!



The Berenstain Bears Blast Off!The Berenstain Bears Blast Off! Bookcover

by Berenstain, Mike

The Berenstain Bears can’t wait to visit the Bear Country Space Center, where rockets blast off into outer space! When the tour guide gives Mama, Papa, and the cubs a tour of the Big Bear Space Rocket, he makes it very clear not to touch anything. But when Papa sees a big red button, he just can’t help himself. Get ready to blast off!




The Unlucky LaunchThe Unlucky Launch Bookcover

by Neal, Rie

After seeing the big Space-E rocket launch, Astrid just knows she’s going to be exploring space in a rocket of her own someday! And in honor of the big launch, Astrid and her fellow Shooting Stars will be building rockets of their very own. What’s more exciting is the guest helper, Luke, who actually worked on the Space-E team!




Clues to the UniverseClues to the Universe Bookcover

by Li, Christina

The only thing Rosalind Ling Geraghty loves more than watching NASA launches with her dad is building rockets with him. When he dies unexpectedly, all Ro has left of him is an unfinished model rocket they had been working on together. Benjamin Burns doesn’t like science, but he can’t get enough of Spacebound, a popular comic book series. When he finds a sketch that suggests that his dad created the comics, he’s thrilled. Too bad his dad walked out years ago, and Benji has no way to contact him.



Ratonauta : basado en una historia (parcialmente) realRatonauta : basado en una historia (parcialmente) real Bookcover

by Kelly, Mark E.

El astronauta Mark Kelly voló con “ratonautas” en su primer vuelo espacial a bordo del transbordador Endeavour en 2001. Ratonauta cuenta la historia de un ratoncito que lo que más quiere es viajar al espacio exterior.


Enciclopedia Britannica para ninos El espacio

¿Sabías que el universo nació hace 13.800 millones de años? ¿O que se cree que hay 100.000 millones de galaxias? ¿Y que se han encontrado más de 4.000 exoplanetas? Descubrirás que nuestra Tierra se mueve a millones de kilómetros por hora, navegarás entre estrellas (que en realidad son bolas de fuego) y explorarás los límites del universo… ¡si es que los hay!




Chemical Reactions!: With 25 Science Projects for KidsChemical Reactions!: With 25 Science Projects for Kids Bookcover

by Berk Koch, Susan

We observe chemical reactions every day. Did you eat toast this morning? That toast was a result of a chemical reaction. Did your family have a fire in your fireplace last night? Burning wood is a chemical reaction! There’s even chemistry happening inside your own body as you break down the food you eat into usable nutrients. In Chemical Reactions!


A Child’s Introduction to Space ExplorationA Child's Introduction to Space Exploration Bookcover

by Bakich, Michael E.

Perfect for budding explorers aged 8-12, Bakich and Eicher explore the history of space exploration from the very first rocket in China, to the moon landing, to the latest missions to Mars (and beyond).


The Big Book of Makerspace Projects

by Graves, Colleen

This easy-to-follow guide features dozens of DIY, low-cost projects that will arm you with the skills necessary to dream up and build your own creations. The Big Book of Makerspace Projects: Inspiring Makers to Experiment, Create, and Learn offers practical tips for beginners and open-ended challenges for advanced makers



Cats: Nature and NurtureCats: Nature and Nurture Bookcover

by Hirsch, Andy

In Andy Hirsch’s Science Comics: Cats, we meet feline friends from the tiniest kodkod to the biggest tiger, and find out what makes your neighborhood domestic cats so special. Equipped with teeth, claws, and camouflage to survive everywhere from deserts to mountaintops, how did these ferocious felines make the leap from predators to playmates… and are they even done leaping?



Cardboard Box EngineeringCardboard Box Engineering Bookcover

by Adolph, Jonathan

Cardboard is everywhere! For creative kids aged 9 to 14, it’s the perfect eco-friendly building material, and Cardboard Box Engineering is the perfect guide to get them started on inventive tinkering. A working kaleidoscope, a marble roller coaster, a robotic hand, and a wind-powered tractor with cardboard gears are just some of the ingenious projects.



Ready for LaunchReady for Launch Bookcover

by Kelly, Scott

In this insightful and funny read, Scott Kelly shares how a distracted student with poor grades became a record-breaking astronaut and commander of the International Space Station.




Rockets: Defying GravityRockets: Defying Gravity Bookcover

by Drozd, Anne

We explore the 2,000 years that rockets have been in existence. We dive into Newton’s Laws of Motion–learning all about gravity, force, acceleration, and the history of rockets made in the past and rockets to be made in the future!




Chemistry for BreakfastChemistry for Breakfast Bookcover

by Nguyen-Kim, Mai Thi

Have you ever wondered why your alarm clock sends you spiraling? Or how toothpaste works on your teeth? Why do cakes and cookies sometimes turn out dry? Award-winning chemist and science communicator Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim reveals the amazing chemistry behind everyday things (like baking and toothpaste) and not-so-everyday things (like space travel). With a relatable, funny, and conversational style, she explains essential chemical processes everyone should know–and turns the ordinary into extraordinary.



Engineering for TeensEngineering for Teens Bookcover

by McCauley, Pamela

The job of an engineer is to solve all sorts of complex challenges facing the world while improving our lives through creative, innovative ideas. This engineering book for teens gives you a look into what engineers do and how they drive society forward through math and science.



Science Comics: Solar System: Our Place in SpaceChameleons: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Diseases, Breeding Bookcover

by Mosco, Rosemary

Get up close and personal with Earth’s nearest neighbors–Venus with its acid rainstorms, Saturn and its rings of ice, and the heart of it all, the Sun. Humans have always been fascinated by outer space and we’re learning more about our solar system every day. Did you know that our Solar System was born from a cloud of cosmic dust? That Jupiter’s red spot is really a raging storm? Join Sara, Jill, and their space-faring pets on a quest to learn more about the wonders of our Solar System–and beyond!


The Mars ChallengeThe Mars Challenge Bookcover

by Wilgus, Alison

Nadia is a teen with a dream: to be the first woman on Mars. But to get there, she’s got to learn all she can about the science of spaceflight. It’s a good thing her friend Eleanor is an Attitude Determination and Control Officer–basically, she pilots the International Space Station!




Supersimple PhysicsSupersimple Physics Bookcover

by Ball, Leo

Created in association with the Smithsonian Institution, this completely comprehensive guide makes physics crystal clear. It’s the perfect support for home and school learning. This super simple science book cuts through the jargon and breaks down the information into easy, manageable chunks. From atoms and states of matter to scalars and vectors, this indispensable guide is packed with everything you need to quickly and easily understand physics.


Super Simple ChemistrySuper Simple Chemistry Bookcover

by Saunders, N.

Each topic is fully illustrated to support the information, make the facts crystal clear, and bring the science to life. A large central image explains the idea visually and each topic is summed up on a single page, helping children to quickly get up to speed and really understand how chemistry works.



46 Science Fair Projects for the Evil Genius46 Science Fair Projects for the Evil Genius Bookcover

by Bonnet, Robert L.

Using inexpensive, easy-to-find parts and tools, and following standard science fair requirements, these creative new projects test 46 theories from various disciplines, including physics, astronomy, energy, environmental science, and economics. Each project begins with an intriguing hypothesis that leaves plenty of room for you to add your own tweaks, making the project entirely different and new-the only limit is your imagination!



How We Got to the MoonHow We Got to the Moon Bookcover

by Rocco, John

From the shocking launch of the Russian satellite Sputnik to the triumphant splashdown of Apollo 11, Caldecott Honor winner John Rocco answers every possible question about this world-altering mission. Each challenging step in the space race is revealed, examined, and displayed through stunning diagrams, experiments, moments of crisis, and unforgettable human stories.


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