Administrative Nuisance Hearing

A hearing conducted when a property owner fails to bring their property into compliance when required by the City. The property owner is notified when and where the hearing will take place, as this is the opportunity to bring evidence and explain to a hearing officer why compliance has been delayed.

The hearing officer bases his or her decision on evidence submitted by City staff and the property owners. Should the hearing officer rule on behalf of the City, the property owner is advised of the requirements and time frame in which to bring the property into compliance. A penalty is assessed due to the delay in compliance. Should the hearing officer rule on behalf of the owner; the City closes the case.

Hearings are also held at the request of a person who wishes to dispute an Administrative Fine or a Vehicle Abatement. The hearing, as established by state law, allows a violator to discuss whether the violation existed or whether the violator was the person responsible for maintaining the violation.

Non-compliance after a hearing may result in the case being forwarded to the City Attorney’s Office for criminal prosecution.

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