My First Home Program

The City is excited to announce a $1.2 million expansion of its down payment assistance programnow called My First Home, to further assist first-time homebuyers achieve the dream of homeownership within Santa Ana.


The My First Home Program will offer down payment assistance loans to first-time home buyers to aid in the purchase of a home within the City of Santa Ana. Funds will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis. A first-time home buyer may be eligible to borrow up to $120,000 with 0% interest rate.

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Stories of Success

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  • Borrower(s) must be a first time home buyer (a person with no ownership interest in, or who has not held ‘title’ to a principal residence during the three-year period preceding the purchase of the property).
  • Borrower(s) must be a resident of Santa Ana and/or work in Santa Ana at least 32 hours per week for at least the last 6 months.
  • Complete a minimum of eight (8) hours of in-person home ownership training offered by a counseling center approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Must have at least three percent (3%) of the purchase price for a down payment from seasoned funds (at least 90 days seasoned). Three most-recent bank statements are required to verify seasoned funds. Seasoned funds cannot be from gift funds. Gift funds may contribute towards the purchase; gift funds may not exceed 3% of purchase price.
  • Must be pre-qualified for a 1st Mortgage and have a positive credit history and obtain a fixed-rate first mortgage. Co-signers and variable rate loans are not allowed.
  • Total Annual Income of the household, meaning all persons residing in the home as their principal place of residence, cannot exceed the income limits established below:
Household Size Low Income Moderate Income
1 person $75,300 $89,650
2 persons $86,050 $102,450
3 persons $96,800 $115,250
4 persons $107,550 $128,050
5 persons $116,200 $138,300
6 persons $124,800 $148,550
7 persons $133,400 $158,800
8 persons $142,000 $169,050


  • 0% Interest rate
  • Owner-Occupied for life of loan
  • Repayment of the City loan principle balance will be required at the end of the 45-year term of affordability. 
  • Santa Ana Student Incentive: Prospective homebuyer that graduated from a high school located in Santa Ana and has a 4-year college degree is eligible for a loan forgiveness up to $40,000 ($10,000 will be forgiven every five (5) years up to a twenty-year period)


For more information, contact:

City of Santa Ana Housing Division

20 Civic Center Plaza, 6th Floor

Santa Ana, CA 92701

(714) 667-2250