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A Stroll Through Main Street

Artist: Erik Orejel “A Stroll Through Main Street”  2022 Location: South West corner of W. 1st. St. and S. Main St. intersection “A stroll through Main St. is what comes to mind when had thought about this piece. Thinking back to my early teen years, I used to blade or rollerblade quite a bit throughout … Continued

Santa Ana Drag Racing

Artist: Chamina Elise Dormitorio “Santa Ana Drag Racing”  2022 Location: South East Corner of S. Main St. and E. Chestnut Ave intersection “Santa Ana made history in 1950 when it became the first city in the United States to have a commercial drag strip. This drag strip, “Santa Ana Drags,” was founded by C.J. “Pappy” … Continued

Evoke the Spirit of the Jacaranda

Artist: Kimberly Duran “Evoke the Spirit of the Jacaranda”  2022 Location: North West corner of 1st St. and W Main St. intersection “The Jacaranda tree holds a special place in my heart. I grew up in Santa Ana, where these trees bloom every spring, painting the city with their vibrant purple flowers. Whether walking to … Continued


Artist: Jonathan Martinez Diaz “Ocelot” 2022 Location: South East corner of E. First St and S. Main St intersection “The Ocelot has always been my favorite wildcat. It’s an animal that is a symbol of Mexican and Central America cultural. We are very fortunate that the Santa Ana Zoo has two of these beautiful endangered … Continued

Mestizo 2

Artist: Gene Jimenez “Mestizo 2”  2022 Location: South West corner of W 5th St and N Main St intersection “The term mestizo means mixed in Spanish and is generally used throughout Latin America to describe people of mixed ancestry with a white European and indigenous background. I honor my grandmother in this rendering of traditional … Continued

Time capsule of the Jacaranda

Artist: Bud Herrera “Time Capsule of the Jacaranda” 2022 Location: South West corner of W 10th St & N Main St. intersection “The Jacarandas are impressive trees in May when covered with clusters of blue tubular flowers. The ground below them turns rapidly blue, and some gardeners might object to that quantity of litter, but … Continued


Artist: Wendy Duong “Commute” 2022 Location: South West corner of W 10th St & N Main St. intersection “My approach to this digital mural was to use Adobe Illustrator to create movement and energy, since public transport is essentially a meeting place full of people on the move and striving to achieve their aspirations. I curve … Continued

A Beautiful Breeze

Artist: Joseph A. Castro “A Beautiful Breeze”  Location: South West corner of S. Main St. and W. McFadden Ave intersection

Heritage Park Fitness Court

Artist: Alicia Rojas “Las Poderosa” Location: Heritage Park Alicia Rojas participates in movements of immigrant rights, anti-gentrification, social economic equity and ecology. Her practice has a collaborative and storytelling process in which paintings, drawings, photographs, and murals are not the end result but rather part of her art making pedagogy. Her work contributes to the … Continued

El Salvador Park Fitness Court

Artist: Damin Lujan “Vida” Location: El Salvador Park Damin Lujan aka zaoone was born in Los Angeles, CA. His artistic eye was shaped by the graffiti art, skateboarding and culture saturating the streets of Santa Monica and Venice. He has now lived in Santa Ana, CA. for 25 years and creates large scale murals and … Continued

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