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Location Layers: Fitness Court murals

Heritage Park Fitness Court

Artist: Alicia Rojas “Las Poderosa” Location: Heritage Park Alicia Rojas participates in movements of immigrant rights, anti-gentrification, social economic equity and ecology. Her practice has a collaborative and storytelling process in which paintings, drawings, photographs, and murals are not the end result but rather part of her art making pedagogy. Her work contributes to the … Continued

El Salvador Park Fitness Court

Artist: Damin Lujan “Vida” Location: El Salvador Park Damin Lujan aka zaoone was born in Los Angeles, CA. His artistic eye was shaped by the graffiti art, skateboarding and culture saturating the streets of Santa Monica and Venice. He has now lived in Santa Ana, CA. for 25 years and creates large scale murals and … Continued

Rosita Park Fitness Court

Artist: Jouvon M. Kingsby Location: Rosita Park Jouvon is a self-taught artistic visionary currently residing in the artist’s quadrants of downtown Santa Ana, CA. Jouvon is a Warrior turned Artist and is well-known for painting a mural in Saddam Hussein’s old bunker. After his tours in Iraq, Jouvon came back and plunged headfirst into the … Continued

Jerome Park Fitness Court

Artist: Marina Aguilera “Santa Ana Strong” Location: Jerome Park Marina Aguilera has over 40 years of creative experience as a working artist under her belt. Being of 3rd generation from a family deeply rooted in Santa Ana, Marina has always had a deep admiration and love for her hometown. The soul of her art, which … Continued

Carl Thornton Park Fitness Court

Artist: Wendy Duong “Exercise, Nutrition, and Confidence”  Location: Thornton Park Wendy Duong is a multidisciplinary Vietnamese-American artist based in Southern California. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from CSU Fullerton and uses her artwork to relate to others by referencing everyday experiences, observing and confessing the absurdities of, at times private and embarrassing, life … Continued

Lillie King Park Fitness Court

Artist: Crisselle Mendiola “Sunflower Power 2” Location: Lillie King Park Crisselle Mendiola is an illustrator, muralist, and designer currently based in Santa Ana. She graduated from California State University, Long Beach in 2018 with a B.F.A in Illustration, though her will to create started from the womb. While most of Mendiola’s personal work is full of … Continued

Delhi Park Fitness Court

Artists: “The Heavy,” Kimberly Duran and Bud Herrera “Santa Ana Garden” Location: Delhi Park In 2013, Kimberly Duran and Bud Herrera co-founded a mural team, The Heavy Collective, a Public Art Initiative specializing in visual art and murals. Their goal is to bring art to the local community so that art is not confined to museums … Continued

Cabrillo Park Fitness Court

Artist: Gene Jimenez “Together We Go” Location: Cabrillo Park Energetic and vividly colorful, Gene Jimenez’ works are inspired by the simple and natural movement of the human form. Creating with energetic rhythm, using such a medium as recycled latex house paint, intangible things: wind and atmosphere, energy and music. Jimenez has a B.A. in Graphic and … Continued

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