Pay to Stay Program Details and FAQ

Police Department

April 29, 2022

This document is intended to provide additional program information and help answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Should you require any additional details or have unanswered questions, the Program Administrator will be happy to assist you.

Most charges, including many related to chemical dependency are acceptable within program guidelines. Every application is considered on a case by case basis, with input from the court as necessary.

Most minor and many chronic medical conditions are manageable while participating in the program. If you have an acute condition or require specialized treatment, contact the Program Administrator for an individualized assessment.

In most cases, program eligibility can be determined through a telephone consultation with the Program Administrator. Based on the information represented in that consultation, a letter of eligibility can be drafted for presentation to the court. Determining your eligibility and requesting an eligibility letter does not obligate you to participate in the program.

It is vital that accurate information be provided during the application process and through the entirety of the program. All personal, offense, medical, occupational, and whereabouts information is subject to ongoing verification. Discrepancies with any information provided may cause dismissal from the program.

Once the decision is made to participate, the court is presented with the letter of eligibility and a request is made for sentencing to the program. If the court accepts your request, the court will specify its requirements in a court order.

Working with the court order, the Program Administrator will draft a contract that addresses the court’s requirements and the rules of the program. All aspects of the program are defined within the contract and all terms within the contract must be adhered to in order to remain in the program.

Upon reporting for the first time, participants are processed into the Santa Ana Jail, this includes data entry, photographs and a housing/orientation interview by staff. This process is abbreviated for program participants and only occurs once. All subsequent returns to custody for work release and weekend participants are streamlined.

Program participants are housed in a dorm-type setting and only with other people also participating in the program. The dorm includes a shower area, coffee pot, television and reading materials.

Weekend and work release participants are released and expected to return according to a predetermined schedule.

Program participants live in a secured facility in which safety and contraband control are of extreme importance. Upon each return to custody, participants are subject to a passive alcohol screening and strip search.

Program participants are expected to follow the directives of staff and obey facility rules at all times.

While in the program the use of alcohol in any amount or use of any medication in a manner not preapproved by the program is prohibited and will result in dismissal and transfer to the Orange County Jail.

Permissibility of particular work schedules or work activities is dependent on the approval of the court and the requirements of the program. Jobs with varying work locations or other unusual aspects are considered on a case by case basis.

Total costs and a likely payment schedule are completed as part of the application process and are available for consideration before a final decision is made to participate in the program.

Program fee payments may be scheduled as frequent as every two weeks. Program fee payments may be made in cash, by cashier’s check or by credit/debit card. Payments must be made as scheduled in order to remain in the program.

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