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Zoning Code Update


Siri Champion
20 Civic Center Plaza
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Good codes make good communities.

The City of Santa Ana has embarked on a comprehensive update to its Zoning Code to realize the community-based vision adopted in the City’s General Plan.  The Zoning Code is a set of regulations that define how land can be developed and used. Such regulations create neighborhoods and districts that meet residents’ needs and provide places for businesses to thrive.

Why update the Zoning Code now?

The current Zoning Code was last updated in the 1960s. Now is the time to modernize it, embrace best practices, reflect new State laws, and take the next step to implement the General Plan.

How does the Zoning Code implement the General Plan?

The General Plan established a vision for the City's future. Through the Zoning Code, the City adopts standards and permitted uses to create and maintain neighborhoods and districts that realize the vision.

What are the five Focus Areas?

The General Plan identifies five Focus Areas along major travel corridors that underwent significant land use changes as part of the General Plan Update. These areas were identified as part of the City's growth strategy to create new development opportunities along major travel ways while maintaining and enhancing existing neighborhoods.

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