Arts and Culture Master Plan

The Arts and Culture Master Plan provides a framework for the direction of arts and culture over the next ten years in Santa Ana. The goals are derived from insights gathered from the community in order to best reflect the aspirations of all residents and followed up with extensive research to define strategies that will best help achieve those goals.

Participation and contributions from the community throughout the process were central to the development of a Master Plan for our city. Residents, artists, community stakeholders and businesses came together during the course of a year to participate in meetings on numerous topics and to openly share their vision for the direction of arts and culture, resulting in what is now a fully developed Arts and Culture Master Plan for Santa Ana.

The City would like to thank the community for coming together in support of this effort, especially for your volunteering and voicing of ideas at the various meetings, as well as for having participated in the community survey. As with the plan’s foundation, achieving, these goals will be a collaborative effort that we look forward to with enthusiasm and promise while envisioning many shared successes in Santa Ana’s arts future.

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